6 Signs of Infertility to Lookout For

6 signs of infertility to look out for

Infertility is an uncomfortable subject that crosses everyone’s mind at least once in his or her adult life, and it should. According to americanpregnancy.org infertility is, “a condition of the reproductive system that prevents the conception of children.”

What can be concerning is the fact that it affects 10-15% of the population in the US. That’s nearly 7.3 million men and women!  While it is best to have regular check ups with your gynecologist, infertility is unfortunately something you don’t normally realize until you are trying to have children. Below you will see six signs of infertility. If you experience any of these symptoms it is recommended to see a specialist.

6 Signs of Infertility

1.     Abnormal periods (no periods, or painful periods)

2.     More acne due to hormonal changes in the body

3.     Change in sex drive or desire

4.     Rapid weight gain due to hormonal changes in the body

5.     Loss of hair and/or tenderness of the scalp

6.     Pain during and after sex

Damage to the fallopian tubes, hormones, cervical conditions, and uterine causes account for 80% of infertility in the US, and sadly that leaves 20% to unknown causes. If infertility does happen to affect you or your partner, don’t give up! There are still many ways in which you and your partner could conceive.

First off make sure to answer the question “when can I get pregnant?” For women this means up to five days prior to ovulation, and 24 hours after ovulation. If you and your partner have been having unprotected sex for one year with no luck you should consider conception with medical assistance. Female infertility can be treated with laparoscopy, hysteroscopy, medical therapy, intrauterine insemination, in vitro fertilization, and egg donation.

Infertility treatments have been successful with many men and women; take a look at this blog about celebrity couples that have struggled with infertility and some of the treatments they looked to for help!

By Maren Burns