7 Social Media Marketing No-No's

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There's no doubt that social media marketing is a critical tool for discovering potential clients in the 21st Century. However, it's not always easy figuring out why your current social media marketing strategy simply isn't cutting it. So, we've outlined the following social media marketing tips to ensure your healthcare practice is treading in the right directions.

1)     Do not underestimate the power of building credibility

So, what do you do if you can’t simply rave about how exceptional your product/service is? You prove that your product/service is exceptional. A post entitled “Over 500 Individuals Report That X Works” warrants more credibility than a post entitled “X Really Works”. 

2)     Do not take advantage of your credibility

As you gain trusting followers, you may be tempted to speak to them on matters unrelated to your product/service. While it may feel tempting to announce your political opinions to all of these new listeners, one word: resist! Ultimately, your followers will turn to a competitor for the information that they initially sought you out for.

3)     Do not only stick to promotional posts

While you shouldn’t unveil your stance on gun rights, you should post non-promotional information that is related to your product/service. Your followers want to see you post about information of this nature; that’s why they followed you. And, the fact that non-promotional posts do not overtly attempt to turn followers into customers will make your followers see that you truly value their well-being.

4)     Do not share others’ posts before carefully assessing them

This may sound obvious, but numerous accounts have been unfollowed since the dawn of social media for unintentionally sharing meaningless click-bait.

5)     Do not disregard direct messages

If your followers take the time to message you, you’ve most definitely earned their attention. But, fail to respond, and they may rethink how much you appreciate them. Responding to messages will reinforce a positive perception of you—and in turn, your product/service—in your followers’ minds.

6)     Do not forget to post

Perhaps this sounds even more obvious than tip number “5”. However, between other work-related duties, family-time, appointments, vacations, caring for pets, spending time with friends, grocery shopping—between living life and posting—you may slip-up. Most individuals will not recognize your product/service after seeing it just once every other week. Make sure that you post at least every few days, and even create a schedule if necessary.

7)     Do not post too often

Moderation is key, even beyond the cookie jar. If you find yourself posting every few hours, you’re probably over-compensating for number “7”. Prevent excessive posting by critically evaluating all of your content. Only publish posts that inarguably embody top-notch quality.

Always remember - posting on social media for your business is MUCH different than posting on your personal social media accounts. Fortunately, you can use your knowledge as a consumer to enhance your understanding of what you should and shouldn't do while planning your social media marketing strategy. Pro Tip: Take a step back and think, "If I saw this while scrolling on Facebook, would I want to engage with this?". 

If you're feeling overwhelmed, you're not alone - many healthcare businesses have turned to us for help. Reach out to our Marketing Director, Sara McFarland, to schedule your free consultation and discuss your options.