Top 5 Scar Removal Creams

scar treatment

Have you ever been slicing onions, and through the tears you realize you cut your hand? “That’s going to leave a scar.” Many people say this more often they would like to admit. But don’t worry. We found some great scar removal creams for you, pulled from a few scar removal websites.

If you want to avoid scarring, your best bet is to start with a scar treatment as soon as the scab is gone. The longer you wait (and scars can take up to two years to fully form), the harder it will be to hide it later.

1.     Scar Heal

Scar Heal was founded in 1988 and was designed to incorporate innovative scar technology to bring patients a non-surgical option for scar removal. Scar Heal offers various creams and gels to fit your needs ranging from silicon sheeting, silicone gel, and more. This scar removal treatment is recommended by dermatologists and plastic surgeons around the world. 

2.     Skinception, Dermefface Fx7

Dermefface Fx7 helps fade scars while maintaining healthy, moisturized skin. It even has anti-aging qualities. However, it doesn’t work as well on keloid scars (scars from cuts) as it does on atrophic scars (scars from acne). Dermefface Fx7 also has 3.2 stars out of 5 on Amazon, although the majority did rate this 5 stars.

3.     AcuScar

AcuScar helps temporarily reduce side-effects of the scar, like redness, itchiness, and irritation as well as decreasing long-term appearance. This product is 100% silicone-based. AcuScar is unavailable on Amazon, but Consumer Advisors reviewed the product and rated it a 3 out of 3 stars, staying pretty consistent across all categories: Effectiveness, Speed of Results, Quality of Ingredients, Customer Service, and Customer Feedback.

4.     Mederma Advanced Scar Gel

Mederma is best used right after the scars form, so once that scab heals/falls away, start using the cream as instructed. This is the highest-rated product on Amazon, and it’s also the cheapest, so maybe start here. Though the reviews do attest that it will take multiple tubes to see a result.

5.     ZenMed

This product is best on atrophic scars and doesn’t work very well on other, deeper scars (like keloid scars). It does, however, help minimize imperfections, hyperpigmentation, dullness, bumpiness, discoloration, and fine lines/wrinkles, so it has great qualities to help your skin in general. This product received 3.4 out of 5 stars on Amazon, and it’s just a few dollars more expensive than Mederma. Those who rated the product 5 stars outweighs those who rated the product 1 star significantly.

6.     BioGreen Labs Stretch Mark Cream

This product uses all natural products like Vitamin E to light both old and new scars.This product is the highest-rated scar removal treatment on Amazon, receiving 5 out of 5 stars. It’s also inexpensive (similar price point as Mederma). However, this is a new product only available on Amazon, so talk to your dermatologist first.

These products are just a few of those available, and they will work differently on everyone. Remember that it could take months to see results with any products, and what works for some may not work for others. For the best results, you should talk to your primary care doctor or dermatologist and have them point you in a direction based on your needs and medical history.

By Joanna Hynes