Catching Your Reader’s Pinterest: How Pinterest Can Help You Market Healthcare Services

In the most technology-infused era to ever exist, social networking is a critical aspect of life. Despite your personal feelings about social networking, it isn’t going anywhere anytime soon. Luckily, neither are healthcare services. So here are a few ways that you can use social networking—in particular, Pinterest—to market your healthcare services.

5 Reasons You Cannot Avoid Social Media Marketing In Today's World

At least 24 percent of small businesses are reported to have absolutely no social media presence. Despite an understanding of the importance of social media in modern marketing, some businesses still chose to avoid it, thinking the effort may not be worth the return. But, this is SO wrong! Here's why social media marketing is inevitable in today's world.

5 Reasons Why Your Healthcare Practice Needs Twitter

Social media is inescapably a part of our daily lives. Along with an optimized, mobile friendly website, your practice or hospital must be engaged on social media to connect with patients and spread the word about your business. Especially on Twitter as this platform continues to grow its 313 million monthly active users. 

4 Reasons Why Doctors Need Help With Marketing

A marketing specialist will allow you focus on your job – treating patients. Healthcare marketing professionals are trained to develop campaigns, messaging, and creative tactics that will bring tangible results to your practice.

5 Sure-Fire Ways To Get More Instagram Followers

How can you get more Instagram followers without shelling out money to get fake followers? Here are 5 tips to see your follower count begin to climb the charts without having to resort to paying for new followers.