Content marketing & blogging

It's crucial for you to provide your readers information that they can rely on. Content that isn't simply promoting your practice or business but providing value. Search engines reward websites that create consistent, fresh, and quality content. That's where we come in!

Content marketing is a cost effective way to increase your organic search engine ranking. In order to beat your competitors, we will create weekly blog content that is optimized around high quality keywords in order to rank better in google search result. So, here's what we do:

  • Create a content calendar
  • Research high quality keywords to concentrate on for your organization
  • Write/post weekly blog content
  • Optimize blog content and on-page web content
  • Connect with thought leaders online for link building campaigns
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create marketing materials

Say "goodbye" to outsourcing each of your graphic design projects! All of our design is included in your monthly fee. The unique part about Atlantic Health Solutions is that we create branded marketing materials as you need them, when you need without the extra charge. We can create any marketing materials you need including, but not limited to:

  • Brochures
  • Business Cards
  • Rack Cards
  • Flyers
  • Any Promotional Items
  • Etc.

We're dedicated to providing quality designs and we value your input. So, we allow for as many rounds of edits until you're satisfied with the result, without extra revision costs. 



Whether you're starting a new business or rebranding for a fresher look, we can help you create a strong brand that stands out and also speaks to your mission.

Branding and rebranding can be a delicate process. It's important to tell a story while also being concise. It's a sense of poetry, if you think about it. We'll let our work speak for itself. 

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social media marketing

Social media marketing is one of the most powerful tools at your disposal for communicating with those engaging with your brand. Our team will identify which social media platforms best match your business's goals and either create new accounts or revamp your existing profiles. 

We will post daily on each of your social media platforms while incorporating customized image content, branded to your business, and encourage traffic to your website. Here's an overview of our social media services:

  • Daily post creation
  • Monitor and respond to comments, messages, and reviews
  • Push traffic to your website
  • Create custom image content branded to your business
  • Increase your social following
  • Create unique social media campaigns to achieve specific goals
  • Engage with social media users to increase your brand awareness
  • Create targeted ads

Engaging with your potential patients doesn't end with social media! We also offer email marketing services to reach a wider audience.



So often when we start working with new groups, we learn that their marketing efforts don't have real, measurable goals in place. Our healthcare expertise helps us guide our partners as we develop marketing strategies to best communicate to their target markets.

Every practice, hospital and business is different so what works for one, may not be effective for others.

We perform extensive research to help determine the competitive landscape in your market, develop budgets and put an action plan to reach more people and drive conversions. Based on your business and resources, we'll help create an annual strategy and action plan just for your business.



If you've been thinking of hiring a copywriter for your business, we're going to stop you right there... ain't nobody got time for that. In all seriousness, a copywriter is of course invaluable. However, they should be working in conjunction with your content marketing team. At Atlantic, our writing and graphic design team work hand-in-hand to create cohesive campaigns.

The benefit of working with a creative team like ours, is that you have copywriting, content creation, graphic design and strategy teams all in-house and at your disposal.



Whether you're in need of weekly customized emails or simply a quarterly newsletter, our team can help you get your message out. Engaging with your patients by sharing valuable blog content, specials and events doesn't have to be boring, leave the creativity to us!

Insider Tip: We can also help you improve your lead generation on your website to build your email list. Just ask us how!



Search engine optimization seems a lot like to magic to those who don't work on it daily, but at Atlantic Health Solutions we make it easy to understand.

The goal of SEO work is to improve your ranking in Google results. Everyone wants to be #1 in Google results when you search for things like "best doctor in Tampa," or "healthcare startups changing the world," and we'll help you get as close as we can.

If an SEO specialist ever guarantees you a #1 placement, don't be afraid to call bullsh*t. SEO is an ever-evolving beast and it takes daily activity (content creation, optimization and link building) and constant education to keep up with best practices and what works for different sectors of healthcare. We can help.


If your website looks like it was created before Britney Spears had her first meltdown, it's time to get with the times. We can help you create a clean, customized and interactive website to engage with your patients and clients.

Already have a great website, you just need updates made? No worries, we can work with that too. We're happy to collaborate with your in-house developers our outsourced website maintenance team to help take your site to the next level.

Just looking for new content? Learn more about our search engine optimization services and how we work with your team.