If you've been considering a rebranding, there are a lot of things to consider before you jump in with both feet. It shouldn't be a decision that is made lightly, because it impacts so much about your business. It's important to consider how it will impact your marketing materials, website, social media content, office supplies, signage and even your company culture. 

We work with clients to make sure when we go through a rebranding, it's purposeful and executed correctly. Here are a few glimpses into rebranding efforts we have been a part of over the years.

scar heal and rejuvaskin scar products

Client: Scar Heal & Rejuvaskin - Rebranding to just Rejûvaskin®
Challenges: Scar Heal brand has international presence, but half their line was branded by Rejûvaskin while the other half looked like Scar Heal products. In a mission to create cleaner packaging under a cohesive line with families of products, we have repackaged and rebranding the products.

We're in the process now of rebranding all marketing materials and social content along with website updates.

Check back by Fall 2017 to see the full roll out of this ongoing project!


Client: Colorectal Clinic of Tampa Bay
Challenges: The Colorectal Clinic of Tampa Bay is a new brand focused on providing patients with truly sub-specialized services. Dr. Francisco Itriago is one of the surgeons from Suncoast Surgical, a well-known and respected group in the Tampa Bay Area. In an effort to reach more patients and increase accessability online, we've created a website and full brand identity for Dr. Itriago's services.

At Tampa Bay Reflux Center, their GI specialists diagnose and treat typical and atypical patients who suffer from Gastro-Esophageal-Reflux Disease through a streamlined approach. Lead by Gopal Grandhige, MD who specializes in the repair of hiatal, paraesophageal and diaphragmatic hernias, the surgical treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), and the laparoscopic management of achalasia - the center offers the most technologically advanced procedures on the market, including the LINX® Procedure. This new GERD procedure is not available everywhere and Dr. Grandhige is one of the country's top LINX® specialists.

They needed a brand that was reflective of his expertise. After working with a number of graphic designers who didn't quite get what he was looking for, Dr. Grandhige came to Atlantic and the pieces fell into place. 

What Tampa Bay Reflux Center wanted:

  • Text-based logo with clean lines
  • Something that could be swapped from black to white without losing design elements
  • Modern, sleek font
  • Be able to pair logo with vintage, artistic, anatomical images without seeming too cluttered on a business card




Cedar Lake Oncology is the only outpatient radiation oncology center on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  We began managing it in 2013 and the first step we took was a complete rebranding. Due to previous management and operations, the facility had a poor reputation in the community.

After bringing in new staff and excellent new physicians, we gave the brand a much needed facelift, creating a website for them, revamping the logo and creating new marketing materials.


  • Rebranded Logo
  • Website Creation/Content Management
  • Social Media 
  • Marketing Materials
  • Physician Outreach
  • Search Engine Optimization

Check out their website yourself: 

Rebranding Example.jpg