3 Strange Symptoms of Reflux and How To Overcome Them

3 Strange Symptoms of Reflux and How To Overcome Them

We all know the symptoms that come along acid reflux. There’s the bloating, heartburn, and stomach cramps that always follow your favorite meal, but there are also symptoms you could be experiencing that are less common among people suffering from reflux. However, people who suffer from acid reflux may come across these unique symptoms and there are most certainly ways to battle the symptoms when they arise. Here's the top three rare symptoms of reflux and how to combat them.

Three rare symptoms of Reflux include:

·      Excess salvation

This is the result of your body’s natural reaction to attempting to wash the acid from your mouth. This symptom is less common because most people don’t realize the excess salvation and/or don’t make the connection to reflux.

·      Bad breath

Bad breath is also the result of the acid in your mouth. This is the result of the lower esophageal sphincter (LES) weakening and allowing acid to travel up the esophagus and into your mouth. Long-term effects from this can also cause erosion of your tooth enamel.

·      Inflammation of the gums

Again, this is the result of acid in the mouth. This is perhaps the least common symptom of acid reflux, and when inflammation of the gums usually occurs people tend to assume they are experiencing gingivitis. But the good news it that these three symptoms can be treated both with and without medicine.

Acid reflux treatments:

1.     Change your lifestyle (diet and exercise)

2.     Avoid trigger foods (spices, garlic, onions, tomatoes)

3.     Don’t wear tight clothing while eating

4.     Avoid lying down at least three hours after meals

5.     Prokinetics (medicine that strengthens the LES)

6.     Take antacids before and after meals

While you may not have expected to experience these symptoms, do not feel alone. Simply follow the suggested treatments and consult your doctor about battling these surprise symptoms. Not every treatment works for everyone, and not every treatment will completely erase your reflux problem. Your body is unique so try incorporating two or three of these treatment options into your daily life to get one step closer to overcoming your acid reflux

By Maren Burns