7 Things People With Reflux Are Tired Of Hearing

7 things people with reflux are tired of hearing

Heartburn symptoms can be a huge pain. An even bigger pain can be the constant unsolicited advice from friends and family about foods that cause heartburn, body posture that increase indigestion, and over-the-counter medications to quench the symptoms of acid reflux. We get it! Enough already! Taking the cake (no heartburn pun intended,) for some of the most annoying things that non-heartburn sufferers tell their heartburn hurting friends include:

1.     "You can’t die of heartburn." 

Really? This is how you comfort me? And actually esophageal erosion can lead to cancer in some rare cases, so thanks for putting that idea in my head.

2.     "Just take a Pepto-Bismol." 

May intestines may be died pink now from the extensive you consumption of that flavored, milk-like liquid.

3.     "Stop eating spicy food."

I love eating spicy food. I don’t tell you to stop eating cake or binge watching your favorite TV show.

4.     "Cut out the pizza."

Don’t even start with me. What makes you think it’s okay to say something so terrible?

5.     "You know drinking makes heartburn worse, right?"

Good one. Let’s play a game where you give up drinking and then we can talk

6.     "Coffee can make the acid in your stomach bubble back into your throat."

And how do you expect me to wake up and look fabulous in the morning?

7.     Drink some milk! That will make the heartburn go away."

Sure. Thanks for all the great advice. No matter what all your well intentioned heartburn friends say, they are only trying to take away all your favorite things in life. We're kidding, but it can be hard going through life suffering from acid reflux and not having friends that understand your struggle. We understand and we're here to support you through it all!