Bariatric Medicine: Wound Care Clinics in North Carolina

Bariatric Medicine: Wound Care Clinics in North Carolina

Wound management is no easy task – and not only is it a challenge for the patient, but it can also be difficult for their caregivers as well. Since open wound care is such a difficult task, it’s absolutely a necessity that you receive expert care from medical professionals with the proper training. Since the risks of HBOT are already so serious, it is especially important to ensure that you receive superior care and wound healing expertise if you expect that you might have to undergo hyperbaric oxygen therapy because the risks of the therapy can increase substantially if it is misused.

Also, you can ensure that you benefit from state-of-the-art technology for managing wound care by remaining within hospital systems whenever possible. Additionally, staying within hospital systems can also guarantee that you are under expert care from appropriately trained medical professionals. To help your search, here are some wound care centers in North Carolina –

Hospitals with Wound Care Centers:

·      UNC Wound Healing Center at North Carolina Memorial Hospital – located at 101 Manning Drive in Chapel Hill, NC 27514. Their phone number is (919)-843-1900.

·      Carolinas Medical Center for Hyperbaric Medicine – located in Charlotte, North Carolina 28232. Their phone number is (704)-355-6630.

·      The Presbyterian Hospital – located at 200 Hawthorne Lane in Charlotte, NC 28233. Their phone number is (704)-383-4098.

·      St. Luke’s Regional Hyperbaric and Wound Care Center – located at 85 Hospital Drive in Columbus, NC 28722. Their phone number is (828)-894-0111.

·      Wound Management Center at North East Medical Center – located at 920 Church Street in Concord, NC 28025. Their phone number is (704)783-2190.

·      Duke Center for Hyperbaric Medicine and Environmental Physiology at Duke Hospital South – located at 200 Trent Drive in Durham, NC 27710. Their number is (919)-684-6726.

·      Park Ridge Wound Care at Park Ridge Health – located at 50 Hospital Drive in Hendersonville, North Carolina 28792. Their phone number is (828)-650-6822.

·      Johnston Therapeutic Wound Clinic at Johnston Memorial Hospital – located at 514 Bright Leaf Blvd in Smithfield, NC 27577. Their number is (919)-938-7716.

·      Problem Wound Care Center at Valdese General Hospital – located at 720 Malcolm Boulevard in Valdese, North Carolina 28690. Their phone number is (828)-874-2251.

At the end of the day, if you cannot make it to one of the centers above to receive care, then it is extremely important that you research whether the provider you do go to has the appropriate qualifications to provide you with proper care. However, do not panic as there are plenty of reputable wound clinics available throughout the state. Again, managing wound healing is no easy task, and there are extremely serious risks that can be involved, so it’s always best to make that the best professionals available are managing your wounds when needed. 

By Russell McBurnie