What To Look For In A Sperm Donor

what to look for in a sperm donor

When you are looking for a sperm donor, you might have a tendency to look for the same physical characteristics you would want in a mate. Talk, dark, and handsome, anyone? As you are casually thumbing through the sperm donor catalogue on a Sunday afternoon, a million questions are doubtlessly running through your mind. Is my sperm donor attractive, athletic, funny (or not funny)? What if I accidentally choose a sperm donor that predisposes my kid to be on the next TLC series of unpredictable food addictions?

Back in the olden days, you had to wait weeks for information on sperm donors and the selection process could be tedious. Today, you can buy sperm just about as easily as you can commit to a late-night pizza purchase. All you need is a credit card and a high-speed internet connection, and you can have the sperm donation shipped to your front door – overnight!

There are many reasons why a couple or individual would choose to seek out a sperm donor. Perhaps the woman is having trouble conceiving or the man in the equation has low sperm motility. no matter how hard you’ve tried to work your way through all the best-ways-to-get-pregnant suggestions out there, nothing is working. In these situations, locating a sperm bank can be an incredibly helpful option. Think about the following considerations as you search for the perfect sperm donor:

1.     Medial history – Remember that your child’s life will likely be a little easier if he or she has knowledge of the sperm donor’s background. Do you need to be aware of high cholesterol or a propensity towards mental illness?

2.     Legal ramifications – Be sure to clarify with your lawyer whether the sperm donor wants participation in the child’s life or the donation is no-strings-attached.

3.     Education background – If raising a brainiac is on your agenda, some sperm banks will provide information about the education and employment history of the sperm donor.

4.     Ethnicity – Families may prefer to have a child share their ethnic heritage or may be looking to expand their family beyond their own heritage.

5.     Physical Features - While there are no guarantees, if you want a blue-eyed baby, it is a good idea to see if your sperm donor bears these characteristics.

For help locating a sperm bank in your area, be sure to check out the National Sperm Bank Directory. No matter what decision you make, always do your homework.  You do not want to find out that your sperm donor was really a criminal with mental health problems lying about having a genius IQ. That’s a surprise nobody wants.

Written by: Meagan Bates