4 Tips On How To Get Pregnant

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I think this might be one of those situations where it is okay to have sex. In fact, if you want to become pregnant, you must have sex! Now the red bottles of merlot and candy-coated apples are an option, but let’s stay focused on good ole love-making. That is after all why we were born, I think.

Eat Healthy Foods 

Tip 1: Don’t bring chocolate candies into the bedroom like the overly romantic movies suggest. It's actually harming your chances of getting pregnant! What you can do to help become pregnant is toss those chocolates because they are unhealthy and chomp down on some healthy fruits and vegetables (Yeah). Green vegetables like broccoli and spinach are loaded with folic acid which will improve your health and increase your probability of becoming a mother.

Timing is Important

Tip 2: If you've been researching getting pregnant, then you definitely know that your ovulation period is the best time to have sex and become pregnant. Sperm can only last can last three to five days, but a woman's eggs will only hang around for twelve to twenty four hours. Which means, timing is crucial! It’s not always clear when women ovulate, but the common held belief is that ovulation occurs about fourteen days before a period. So make love on time.

Sexual Positions 

Tip 3: Hopefully you are passionate about your job and are willing to try out some new positions. While evidence is limited on how positions offer productive ways to get pregnant, there have been some feisty couples who sacrificed their intimacy to share their love life with strangers like you, me and a couple of curious doctors. Two positions stood out: the missionary and doggy style position (on all fours). MRI scans showed that the tip of the penis reached between the cervix and walls of the vagina, which allows deeper penetration and a higher possibility of pregnancy. Still, these methods have not been completely proven to be effective, but you can still give them a shot! 

Age & Pregnancy 

Step 4: Remember ladies, don’t wait too long. I don’t mean rush into getting pregnant at an early age, but don’t wait until your fifty to try and become pregnant. The stats don’t seem to coalesce in your favor. In fact, age is the woman’s number one factor for becoming pregnant. Indeed, it’s true as the sky is not always blue. Also, the chances of creating a child at forty-five are one to two percent (eek… eek indeed). At about 35-years-old, the system inside the body that releases eggs begins to breakdown, which can make your ovulation difficult and less frequent. From a biological perspective, the greatest time for a woman to conceive is in her twenties.

Pregnancy can be an important part of a man and woman’s life. It is always important to research about the positive and negative methods of becoming pregnant. Whether you are a younger or older woman, pregnancy can occur and there are many health factors to consider during the process. For more information on the chances of heightening your pregnancy, consult your local doctor. 

By Preston Copeland