10 Blog Ideas For Your Fertility Clinic

10 blog ideas for your fertility clinic

Healthcare social media is the latest trend in medical marketing, and as people rely more and more on technology they turn to the Internet to answer their questions. Blogging is an excellent way to outreach as it not only increases your website’s search engine optimization, but it also gives your visitors a way to personally connect with your practice.

Blogging can be especially beneficial for a fertility clinic for a number of reasons. People like to read about things they can relate to, and thousands of people in the US alone each year are actively trying to start a family, which means they’ll be automatically interested in your content out of the gate.

Additionally, the topic of infertility can be incredibly emotional, and in many cases it can be comforting and much more powerful for women to read about other people’s similar struggles and journeys than it is to hear it from the doctor.

When doing any kind of writing, it’s important to remember who you are trying to appeal to. The ideal audience of a fertility clinic’s blog would likely be females between the ages of 20 – 45, so when writing blogs try to focus on this demographic. It can be difficult to know where to start, but once you sit down and start brainstorming some initial topics everything will start to come naturally. Don’t worry, though! We’ve got 10 blog topic ideas to get your creative wheels turning.

1.         Why You Shouldn’t Skip Out On Your Yearly Gyno. Exam

2.         Breast Feeding: It’s Harder Than It Looks (new mothers give their honest advice on how to deal with the woes of breast feeding)

3.         5 Infertility Treatments Options for Singles

4.         7 Benefits of Seeing a Fertility Specialist

5.         IVF 101: Everything You Need To Know About In Vitro Fertilization

6.         5 Tips For Finding the Perfect Sperm Donor

7.         Getting Pregnant After 40: Tips, Tricks, and Expectations

8.         5 Fertility Success Stories

9.         7 Infertility Signs to Lookout For

10.     How To Talk To Your Partner About Infertility

The most important thing about any blog, whether it’s for a retail company or a fertility clinic, is that the content is relevant, engaging, and varied. Don’t get stuck posting about just one thing. Make sure to have a mix of “feel good” stories, testimonials, and funny pieces, but don’t be afraid to dive into the nitty gritty side of infertility either. Your content should be tailored to the women you’re trying to reach, so remember that that means sharing both sides. 

Written by: Maren Burns