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"According to a 2014 public opinion survey by TransUnion Healthcare, around 54% of Americans are confused by their medical bills. So in this installment of “We Have Too Much Wine on Our Hands,” we will be constructing a drinking game around the arduous task of actually reading and understanding your medical bills. Many of us might label these as junk and move on, but it’s important to read and understand your statements for every procedure to make sure everything is accurate. And what better way to do this than with a stiff drink in hand?"

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"Figuring out how you’re going to pay for all of the costs throughout your pregnancy can be tough, especially if you don’t know how much it will cost. We looked into some of the most common procedures and services that new moms need and found out how much it costs after all the costs start to add up!

The charts below highlight some of the most common procedures for the First, Second and Third Trimesters of pregnancy, so you can start planning."

"You’re overwhelmed by the high cost of prescription drugs. One of your children has diabetes, your senior relative has heart disease and you were just diagnosed with bronchitis… how do you manage to pay for it all? Filling monthly prescriptions has gotten awful pricey and you’re probably looking for ways to save money."

"Many patients schedule a consultation with their plastic surgeon, pour over endless before and afters, and learn about their options. But, how many patients see what happens behind the scenes in the operating room? We wanted to take our patients behind the scenes of our chief plastic surgeon's daily routine and shine a light on the surgical side of popular procedures."

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Symptoms of acid reflux disease affect more than 60 million Americans monthly. Of those 60 million, it’s estimated that nearly 25 million adults suffer from the symptoms of reflux every day. Since acid reflux symptoms are relatively commonplace, many adults don’t seek treatment or make important lifestyle changes to manage their reflux. Although much of the reflux that people experience is situational or occasional, nearly a quarter of those who suffer from acid reflux experience it on a chronic level as a symptom of an underlying condition called gastrointestinal reflux disease, or GERD.

There’s been a lot of talk in the news recently about the dangerous long-term side effects of PPI’s, and it’s caused a bunch of chaos in the medical world. Proton pump inhibitors (particularly the larger brands like Prilosec, Nexium, and Prevacid) are among the most commonly prescribed drugs in the US, with more than 110 million prescriptions prescribed in 2010. Since then the numbers have only grown, with a startling percentage of the population currently dependent on these medications for the treatment of reflux and heartburn.


Whether your goal is to increase online conversions, engage with your followers and patients or simply give updates in a weekly or monthly newsletter, we can help you execute a fully customized email marketing campaign designed to reach your goals. Whether your goal is to track appointment requests and/or purchase conversions to track ROI, or just to improve brand awareness, we can create a campaign that's perfect for you. View some samples of email campaigns below.

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We work with clients who are interested in improving their video content online. Video is the future of content on social media, which means having a presence in that space is becoming more and more important each year. Our team works with you to determine what you're hoping to accomplish to come up with a story to tell. We will then assist with storyboard creation and script writing. *For stock video compilations and infographic videos, our team can create videos from beginning to end in-house. **For custom film projects, we are able to work with your preferred video production team or we can recommend use of one of our video partners.

ISCT Conference: By the Numbers
Client: International Society of Computed Tomography
Infographic Video created to promote upcoming conference.

Save On Medical Expenses Like Dave
Client: Save On Medical
Created with Movie Groovy

Introducing Dr. Z: Chief of Plastic Surgery
Client: HZ Plastic Surgery
Created with Brooks Allen | Hurricane Production

Rejûvaskin's Definition of Beauty
Client: Rejûvaskin® | Scar Heal
Promoting positive images of women using their products.

* Additional cost may be required outside of monthly contracts for video services. Full quotes will be provided before project kick-off.
** Client is responsible for production and editing costs to any outside video vendors.


If you've been considering a rebranding, there are a lot of things to consider before you jump in with both feet. It shouldn't be a decision that is made lightly, because it impacts so much about your business. It's important to consider how it will impact your marketing materials, website, social media content, office supplies, signage and even your company culture. 

We work with clients to make sure when we go through a rebranding, it's purposeful and executed correctly. Here are a few glimpses into rebranding efforts we have been a part of over the years.

scar heal and rejuvaskin scar products

Client: Scar Heal & Rejuvaskin - Rebranding to just Rejûvaskin®
Challenges: Scar Heal brand has international presence, but half their line was branded by Rejûvaskin while the other half looked like Scar Heal products. In a mission to create cleaner packaging under a cohesive line with families of products, we have repackaged and rebranding the products.

We're in the process now of rebranding all marketing materials and social content along with website updates.

Check back by Fall 2017 to see the full roll out of this ongoing project!


Client: Colorectal Clinic of Tampa Bay
Challenges: The Colorectal Clinic of Tampa Bay is a new brand focused on providing patients with truly sub-specialized services. Dr. Francisco Itriago is one of the surgeons from Suncoast Surgical, a well-known and respected group in the Tampa Bay Area. In an effort to reach more patients and increase accessability online, we've created a website and full brand identity for Dr. Itriago's services.

At Tampa Bay Reflux Center, their GI specialists diagnose and treat typical and atypical patients who suffer from Gastro-Esophageal-Reflux Disease through a streamlined approach. Lead by Gopal Grandhige, MD who specializes in the repair of hiatal, paraesophageal and diaphragmatic hernias, the surgical treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD), and the laparoscopic management of achalasia - the center offers the most technologically advanced procedures on the market, including the LINX® Procedure. This new GERD procedure is not available everywhere and Dr. Grandhige is one of the country's top LINX® specialists.

They needed a brand that was reflective of his expertise. After working with a number of graphic designers who didn't quite get what he was looking for, Dr. Grandhige came to Atlantic and the pieces fell into place. 

What Tampa Bay Reflux Center wanted:

  • Text-based logo with clean lines
  • Something that could be swapped from black to white without losing design elements
  • Modern, sleek font
  • Be able to pair logo with vintage, artistic, anatomical images without seeming too cluttered on a business card




Cedar Lake Oncology is the only outpatient radiation oncology center on the Mississippi Gulf Coast.  We began managing it in 2013 and the first step we took was a complete rebranding. Due to previous management and operations, the facility had a poor reputation in the community.

After bringing in new staff and excellent new physicians, we gave the brand a much needed facelift, creating a website for them, revamping the logo and creating new marketing materials.


  • Rebranded Logo
  • Website Creation/Content Management
  • Social Media 
  • Marketing Materials
  • Physician Outreach
  • Search Engine Optimization

Check out their website yourself: 

Rebranding Example.jpg



If you put your all into marketing campaigns and they're beautifully executed and thousands of people see your ads, but you can't point to any actual revenue, did it even happen? Here are some case studies and reports of campaigns and efforts we've collaborated on with clients.

Our monthly reporting also allows clients to track our work and see how we're doing. Need custom reports outside of your monthly analytics? We can handle that for you too. We're here to help YOU!

Download a sample case study we put together for Pulmonary Associates of Brandon. This data reflects our first quarter of work and growth we saw in the initial project takeover and website redesign/transfer.

More Case Studies Coming Soon!