The Top 10 Plastic Surgery Blogs

the top 10 plastic surgery blogs

As you’ve probably heard if you’ve ever talked about computers with someone over 65 years old, it is absolutely crazy how much information people can access over the web. Whether on Facebook, Wikipedia, or YouTube, you can discover just about anything on the web, from what your friend had for lunch to the history of Greece to how to change the oil in your car. It really is quite remarkable.

As a major platform for relaying information, online blogs play a substantial part in how the web educates its readers. Now, an important principle when it comes to comprehensive learning is to avoid limiting your perspective by limiting yourself to a single source. Your information is usually only as good as where it came from, so make sure your information is good by checking more than one source.

This principle holds true with plastic surgery too, which is why we compiled 10 of the top plastic surgery blogs for you to learn effectively from. So, here they are, in no specific order:

1.     The Plastic Surgery Post – What better way to start a list of some of the best plastic surgery blogs than beginning with a blog written by members of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons? This blog is written by many of the nation’s top-tiered surgeons, which provides readers with access to some of the best information available as the ASPS collects all of the yearly statistics for plastic surgery.

2.     Real Self Plastic Surgery – This Real Self blog provides readers with incredibly useful information in a highly interactive manner. Their format is unique as its foundation is interactive. This blog has useful tools such as many forums, over 2,000 Q&A’s, guides, and videos all relaying very useful information.

3.     Spire Cosmetic Surgery Blog – The writers for Spire Cosmetic Surgery do a fantastic job answering everyday questions readers might have about cosmetic surgery. They effectively break informative advice down to a very readable level, providing people with a great tool to learn about the basics.

4.     Daily Beauty Reporter – Allure does an amazing job of relaying useful information about cosmetic surgery to the world around us as new beauty trends take place constantly. This blog provides a very entertaining twist on useful information.

5.     American Board of Cosmetic Surgery Blog – Although relatively similar to the first blog listed, the American Board of Cosmetic Surgery also has access to some of the best information available, but it provides such info to a whole array of readers from your average joe to plastic surgeons themselves.

6.     CosmeticSurg – This blog is written by Ricardo L. Rodriguez, MD., provides readers with information about plastic surgery from the unique perspective of a himself. With the experience of a cosmetic surgeon, Dr. Rodriguez does an incredible job integrating his information into video and other forms of media breaking things down into straightforward material.

7.     The Plastic Surgery Group – This blog carries a hefty arsenal of material as their blog covers topics within over 40 categories! So, if you are looking to have an online destination that holds information for anything about plastic surgery, this might be your stop.

8.     PSB – This Orlando plastic surgery blog is mostly written by Thomas Fiala, MD, FACS, FRCSC. Dr. Fiala does a magnificent job providing his insights about plastic surgery while relating it to plastic-surgery related news. This blog also features his commentary to his patients’ frequently asked questions, which is very useful for possible new patients looking to undergo some sort of plastic surgery.

9.     Dr. Reath’s Blog – Again, Dr. Reath provides readers with multiple categories to choose from. While providing useful information, he also is able to bring it down to a level for any reader as he does a great job connecting his blog with social media. Dr. Reath just loves to write and keep people updated with plastic surgery information, which he makes clear in his post about his top 10 most important posts for anyone who might have missed them.

10.  WebMD – Of course, there is WebMD. For those who do not know, WebMD is a very popular medical website that provides very clear and useful information regarding most medical topics, including plastic surgery. WebMD also provides readers with access to information from their specialized experts.

Now, while this list certainly includes very notable blogs that provide very useful information about plastic surgery, they are not the only ones out there. The beauty of the internet is how vast and full it is with information about almost anything, including cosmetic and reconstructive surgery. So, if for some reason you do not find any of the information about plastic surgery in these blogs that you were looking for, don’t feel discouraged. There is the whole internet world waiting to be found and read, and you can always begin your search here. Just remember, your information is usually only as good as where it came from, so be careful!

Written by: Russell McBurnie