7 Tips To Avoid Getting A Botched Plastic Surgery

In 2016, plastic surgery has become commonplace in Hollywood, and increasingly popular outside of L.A. Of course, people love the idea of plastic surgery when it can fix the appearance and function of past trauma, adjust the appearance of that one thing that you always wanted to change, or put up a decent battle against Father Time.

However, when plastic surgery goes wrong, it can be one of your worst nightmares. Whether you have a friend who rushed to get a nose job and a boob job for a discounted price from a sketchy doctor, or you saw a story on E!, almost every has seen a botched plastic surgery.

It’s no secret that no one wants to have a botched procedure, but how do you avoid getting one if you’re not the one performing the procedure? While there is always a chance that your procedure won’t go as well as you expected, there are things you can do to ensure your surgery won’t be one of the botched stories.

Here are 7 tips to help you avoid a bad surgery:

1.    Be certain that you are getting plastic surgery for all of the right reasons.

Never get a plastic surgery procedure because someone said you should or because you think people would like you better with Angelina Jolie’s lips. Plastic surgery should only be something you get if it is something you truly want for yourself and for yourself only.

2.    Put plenty of effort into researching and understanding the procedure(s) you plan to get.

When you’re opting into undergoing a procedure that will affect your body’s appearance, and sometimes function, for a long-term period, and often permanently, you need to be certain you know what you want. The last time and place you want to realize you misunderstood what happens during a certain procedure is in the mirror after you’ve had that procedure. Take initiative to understand what you want.

3.    Have an understanding of what to expect before, after, and during the procedure, and be realistic about your expectations.

Again, this will help you know what you will actually get from the surgery, and understand where the surgery might go wrong, which can help you decide whether you want to take the risk or not. Also, be realistic with your expectations. You’re bound to be upset with your procedure if you think it’s going to make you look like your favorite star afterward.

4.    Choose a well-qualified surgeon who is board-certified and practices out of an accredited facility.

This is where a lot of people go wrong. It’s not difficult to make sure that your surgeon is well-trained, highly-qualified, well-practiced, and safety-oriented. Read reviews and qualifications that are listed for your surgeon on multiple different sites, and ask him questions about his qualifications during your consultation.

5.    Be knowledgeable about the full costs of a quality procedure and be truthful with yourself about your ability to afford it.

If you can’t afford a boob job that’s a little above the average price of one, don’t get it. There’s no reason to restrict the quality of your procedure to your wallet as you can always wait. This isn’t to say you need the most expensive procedure, but if you’re only getting a discounted price because you only have that much money, then there are plenty of reasons you shouldn’t get that procedure.

6.    Be wary about your own health in order to ensure that you are as healthy as you can be before undergoing the procedure.

A lot of your results can be affected by your own health, so make sure you don’t ruin your own results before you even get the procedure. Read about how healthy you should be and make sure you meet those guidelines before undergoing the procedure. This goes for everyone and every procedure, quit smoking well before you undergo any plastic surgery!

7.    Take your time – don’t rush yourself into getting the procedure done as quickly as possible.

Altering your body is an extremely significant decision to make, and the more you take your time the more you can think about your decision apart from your emotions and misguided thoughts. Everyone thinks something looks good at some point in their life and then thinks why in the world they thought so just months after, so don’t let that be the case with your plastic surgery – sit on it for a while.

At the end of the day, be mature about the plastic surgery process from the very onset of the idea. Plastic surgery is still surgery, so be cautious about the quality, safety, and purpose of the procedure as it can always go much worse than just having a botched procedure. Putting the effort into ensuring a good procedure is absolutely critical, as plastic surgery is much more serious than increasing the amount of likes you get on Instagram. Remember, never hesitate to ask your doctor any questions you may have at any point. 

By Russell McBurnie