Price Check: Payment Options for Plastic Surgery

Price Check: Payment options for plastic surgery

Plastic surgery is growing in popularity in the U.S., with more than nine million surgical and nonsurgical procedures occurring in 2011 according to the American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery. With breast augmentation, eyelid surgery, and the tummy tuck being the most common reasons for going under the knife, the cost of plastic surgery is a bigger consideration than ever before. Crazy plastic surgery trends are also on the rise with obscure procedures such as palm line alterations being pursued by some plastic surgery aficionados.

Since plastic surgery is customarily considered an elective procedure, except in cases of reconstructive surgeries, these operations are rarely covered by insurance. Procedure investments vary dramatically depending on the area of the country, physician, and procedure you pursue. A buttock augmentation costs an average of about $4,000 while microdermabrasion may be less than $200. Committing to such a hefty expense is much like deciding on any large purchase, and all patients should consider his or her payment options.  

Plastic surgery payment plans are an option for individuals considering one of these procedures without the up-front cash to cover the entire expense. Health care credit options include financing sources that should all be carefully investigated prior to commitment as interest rates can be abnormally high on these types of financing programs. Consider using this plastic surgery financing calculator which can help you determine your expected monthly payment while taking into consideration the 12.99% to 27.99%  

Care Credit is a cosmetic surgery financing organization that offers monthly payment plans and provides potential patients with a cost estimator to determine the actual expense and time commitment for full repayment. While several financing companies exist for medical procedures, this organization appears to be the most reputable and well-referenced by physicians across the nation. Care Credit will allow patients to finance surgical procedures such as a breast augmentation and non-surgical procedures such as laser hair removal. All applicants must be at least eighteen years old to be approved for this financing option. Full payment within six, twelve, or eighteen months are options depending on the play each patient chooses. Other loan options include CosmetiCredit, MedLoanFinance, and

Applying for plastic surgery financing is really no different than seeking a loan for a college education, home mortgage, or car purchase. The interested party must apply through the financing organization and undergo a credit check. Payment plans may be available through some physician offices. While this is becoming infrequent and is often the mark of a less-than-reputable plastic surgeon, consider asking your caregiver if you are interested in dealing directly with the office regarding finances. Be aware that if you pay your medical professional for plastic surgery through an office payment plan, these loans will still be sent to collections should you fail to pay as pre-determined.

As you consider financing options for plastic surgery know that utilizing these sorts of programs can be damaging to your credit score and put you into deeper debt than necessary. Do not forget that applying for a credit cards goes on your credit record and can eventually lower your score if you have too many applications. Protect yourself when considering plastic surgery financing and be sure you understand the terms of the agreement. 

By Meagan Bates