Breast Augmentation Recovery Checklist

breast augmentation recovery checklist

Sometimes women become so pre-occupied with the allure of a boob job that they glaze past the recovery phase. Entering the post-operative room with significantly larger breasts can be a great feeling for someone who has been hoping for a breast augmentation, but boob job recovery can be a rude awakening for someone who has not properly considered the effects of this procedure. Recovering from a breast augmentation can be managed through the checklist below.

1.     Prepare for in-hospital recovery

For a few hours after you wake up from the mammoplasty, you will be monitored in the recovery room where your gauze dressings and elastic bandage will be checked to ensure a reduction in swelling. Have a friend or family member waiting to keep you company during this time.

2.     Reduce activity.

Do not plan to run any marathons or do much more than turn on Netflix for the first 48 hours. Soreness and swelling will keep you home bound for a few days. Your physician will be able to guide you back into your normal exercise routines.

3.     Stock up on cozy clothes.

Prior to your surgery be sure to do your laundry so that all those comfy t-shirts and loose blouses will be ready to accommodate your post-mammoplasty body which will be slightly bustier and likely swollen.

4.     Make a Walgreens run.

Your physician will likely suggest post-operative creams to help your incision sites heal. Pick these up before your operation and have them on hand to easy your first 48 hours.

5.     Fill the ice trays.

If you are lucky enough to live in a studio apartment with a compact refrigerator and no ice maker, be sure to bring in some ice trays so that you have plenty of cold compresses to nurse your breasts back to health.

The recovery for a breast augmentation can be different for every person but proper preparation for all outcomes will ease the process. While the surgeon performing your mammoplasty can provide specific recommendations for each procedure, never underestimate the value of first-hand experience from a mother, aunt, sister or friend who has previously undergone a boob job. 

By Meagan Bates