Why You Shouldn't Jump Into Plastic Surgery

why you shouldn't jump into plastic surgery

Having plastic surgery is a big decision that no one should jump into. Patients should do research long before consulting a doctor. Find out what the procedure involves and talk with others that have had it done. Ask yourself why you want to have plastic surgery and do you really need it? There are many reasons that men and women want plastic surgery.

Plastic surgery often is used for purposeful reasons. They reconstruct patient’s bodies that have been in serious accidents, work with cancer patients, help children and adults with birth defects, and improve appearances that help with image and employment. Sometimes they have to fix other doctor’s mistakes. So plastic surgery has many positive aspects to it. 

Research the Plastic Surgeon

Before you decide on a plastic surgeon find out of they are board certified and what their medical credentials are. If possible, talk with patients to find out if they were pleased with the results. Ask yourself what you want changed and why? The more you know about why you want to have plastic surgery the easier it is for the surgeon to discuss the procedure with you. 

Beware of new surgical techniques that have not be used and tested. Just because a technique is used on an entertainer doesn’t mean it is right for you. New procedures may not produce the results you want and can cause complications. This is because they have not been used enough to make them safer and more effective. This advice comes from Dr. KennethSteinspair a Los AnglesOculoplastic Surgeon.

Ask Yourself and The Surgeon Same Questions

Decide if you are comfortable with the surgeon and his staff. Do they spend time explaining the procedure to you and giving you the pros and cons? Are you changing your appearance because it’s important to you or are you doing it for someone else? Are you in good shape physically and emotionally?  A person undergoing plastic surgery should be in good physical and mental health.

Do you or your family have the money for the operation? Some insurance policies will cover some or all of the procedures. There is also time lost from work to recover from the procedure. This is another important aspect of what to consider before jumping into plastic surgery. Don’t be afraid to talk with the surgeon about finances and costs.

Consult with two or three surgeons before making a decision. Are your reasons for wanting plastic surgery rationale? You want to look better because your job requires it. You meet with people and image is part of the equation.  Do you have a physical defect that plastic surgery can improve? Are your expectations about what surgery will do realistic?

Don’t have surgery unless you’re committed to it. If you have doubts wait. Plastic surgeons have years of training and deal with each patient individually. They have to consult with patients many times before performing surgery. Many will turn down patients who are having surgery for the wrong reason. Like having your breasts enlarged to please your boyfriend, or husband. Men having a face lift to please their girlfriend or wife. Patients need to have realistic expectations about the results.

A Few More Questions to Ask Your Surgeon

Be sure the surgeon is a member of the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.  Find out where they attended medical school and where they worked. Is the facility they perform surgery for accredited by the state or a national  agency. It is the facility state or Medicare certified. How long will take you to recover from this surgery and what are the complications?

Plastic surgery is performed for many reasons cosmetic, cancer removal or reconstruction, and improving defects from accidents, fires, and birth. It is a serious procedure that should be given careful consideration before jumping into it. Patients should spend time learning about the pros and cons and have realistic expectation of the outcome. A good plastic surgeon will discuss the pros and cons of why I should get plastic surgery with patients. 

By Joan Russell