7 Reasons You Might Need An X-Ray

7 reasons you might need an x-ray

For all of you out there this blog should be especially important to you. The summer gives all of us a little extra time to check off those projects we promised ourselves we would do. Before getting into full-out DIY diva mode and taking on potentially dangerous tasks though, you should first ask yourself “Is this a good idea?”

If the answer is yes, ask yourself, “Is this safe?” If you get a yes there you are good to go, and good luck. If any of these questions yielded a no, and you still felt inclined to accomplish “said task” and somehow managed to injure yourself or anyone else around you… read below and answer this final question, “Do I need an X-Ray?”

It’s not always easy to tell whether or not you need an x-ray, but there are a few situations that you may find yourself in this summer where there’s a pretty good chance you might. Here are seven situations that may be an indicator that you need to head to the doctor’s office for an x-ray:

1.     You’ve fallen and you can’t get up.

If you attempted to clean out the copious amounts of leaves summer showers left behind in the gutters on your roof, and the ladder failed you…you may need an x-ray.

2.     You missed that invisible step and fell flat on your face.

Whether you're simply leaving a store and didn't see the caution "Watch Your Step" sign or lost your footing while walking down the stairs, you might end up with a sprain. Don't worry, it happens to the best of us.

3.     You’ve got a Warriors fan and a Cavs fan under the same roof.

Basketball and hockey are both finishing up their seasons. If you live in a divided household, the race to the remote can be dangerous. You won, but your pinky is now twisted a strange direction.

4.     Your synchronized diving took a turn for the worse.

Let’s say while performing your latest diving trick into the pool, your finish had a different outcome than you’re used to. The pain has been consistent for three days now, and you’re pretty sure that it’s not just your pride.

5.      Your idea of fun and games end up being not so fun.

An intense game of beach kadima resulted in a loss of footing and perhaps a twisted ankle.

6.     Your dumbbells are out to get you.

While training for your beach bod in May you dropped a dumbbell on your toe. You managed to walk it off, but it’s now almost June and your toes seem to be doing something funky…looks like there won’t be any Baywatch in your future.

7.     Your toddler took your game of dice to a whole new level.

One second you’re sitting at the table rolling dice with your toddler, the next minute two dice has turned into one, and Tommy is giving you a devilish grin.

If any of these scenarios or something similar have happened to you this summer, its safe to say…you might need an x-Ray.

By Maren Burns