Finding diagnostic imaging prices in Georgia

finding diagnostic imaging prices i georgia

When doctors need to take a look inside of your body to examine medical complications and issues, they use diagnostic imaging. Diagnostic imaging tests are performed using different machines and various techniques depending on a few factors such as the area of the body that’s being affected and the symptoms that the patient is experiencing.

Various types of diagnostic imaging are used by doctors, but the common forms include tests such as MRI scans, CT scans, and X-Rays. The procedures are usually very easy, quick, and painless, but some may involve laying down in a certain position for an extended amount of time. Less common forms of diagnostic imaging require anesthesia, especially if they involve the use of a scope.

Most diagnostic imaging, however, is easy and painless. So, patients are not typically concerned with the test itself. Instead, patients are concerned about other things. One concern for many patients is how much it will cost. Not all of the tests are covered under health insurance, or they’re only partially covered.

Whether it’s because of deductibles, monthly limits, or some other restriction, it can end up costing the patient a lot of money. So, for those individuals, how do you ensure that you are paying the best price available without finding out when you first get the bill in the mail? Well, luckily, there’s a pricing tool that makes it very simple!

Save On Medical

By allowing you to search for a procedure and then compare the prices, quality, and convenience of the various providers, Save On Medical is the perfect tool to help you find prices for diagnostic imaging. Additionally, you can also schedule and manage your appointments, pay for your procedure, and read and write reviews about your experiences with certain providers.

Not only is a very useful tool to find pricing, but it also helps you save on your costs as you can lock in discounted prices by booking your procedure through their website. So, if you are looking for the best deal on an MRI, X-Ray, or some other diagnostic imaging test, Save On Medical is the perfect tool for you.

Finding Prices with Save On Medical

Like everything else on the interest these days, navigating the Save On Medical website is very simple. But, in the case that you can’t figure it out for a certain reason, here’s a quick three step guide to finding your prices:

1.     First, find the dropdown menu toward the top of their home page and select the specific type of procedure you are searching for. The procedures are categorized by the type of diagnostic imaging test and then by which area of the body you would like to examine with the test. The types of tests available are:

·       Angiography scans

·       CT scans

·       Fluoro scans

·       MRI scans

·       Mammography scans

·       Nuclear Medicine scans

·       Ultrasounds

·       X-Ray scans

·       And, other.

2.     After you select the procedure, you need to enter in the location you would like to search in right in the box next to the procedure box. Just enter either the city, state or enter in the zip code. So, for example, type “Atlanta, Georgia” or “30023” for the zip code.

3.     Then, after you click the “search” button, you can compare all of the prices, find the one that’s right for you, and book your appointment! It really is that easy. It’s kind of like looking for flights, just type in what you need and where, and see if any of the results work well for you.

At the end of the day, there’s no need to overpay for diagnostic imaging, especially since the tests can already be pretty pricy. Just remember that there’s always more to your decision than just the prices, so make sure that you’re looking for a provider that offers adequate quality, convenient appointments, and a good price! And, if you have any questions about the providers, tests, and what’s right for you, never hesitate to ask your doctor as your doctor is an expert that might better understand your individual circumstances.


By Russell McBurnie