8 Animals as Physicians Specialists

8 Animals as Physicians Specialists

Physician specialists are a result of increased medical knowledge in many fields. After attending medical school and finishing a one to five year residency medical physicians will receive more schooling and take examinations in order to be “board certified” as a specialist in a specific field.

If you are seeing a specialist and want verification you can contact, “The American Board of Medical Specialties. I’m not sure if animals would be able to attend twelve years of school (post college) to receive a specialization, but keep reading to find out how a bear is like a pediatrician.

Pediatrician – Bear

If you’ve ever gone camping you know that if a baby bear is around the mom isn’t far behind. Like a bear, pediatricians are concerned with the health of their patients during their adolescent years.

Allergist – Dog

A study estimated 10% of people are allergic to household pets. Dogs are every man’s best friend, and they hate the fact that some people are allergic to them. Dermatologists are like dogs because they want to help people overcome their allergies.  

Sleep Disorder Specialist – Sloth

You could consider the brown-throated sloth an all-star sleeper. Sleeping for fifteen to eighteen hours a day, qualifies the species as a sleep specialist. Like sloths, sleep disorder specialists understand how important sleep is to a person and work to aid their patients sleeping patterns.

Dermatologist – Chameleon

Chameleons are like the beauty experts of the jungle. Their skin is an essential part of their lives and they take very good care of it. Dermatologists are also dedicated to skin, and the protection of their patients’ skin.

Neurologist – Elephant

A neurologist handles problems with the nervous system, which includes the brain and spinal cord. Neurologists also deal with patients that have been diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease. Elephants are like neurologists because of their impressive brains. They feel bad for patients that don’t have a memory like their own. 

Ophthalmologist – Hawk

Hawks have some of the most amazing eyes in the animal kingdom. They have the ability to see small rodents from 10,000 feet up. Ophthalmologists deal with eye care and vision, and while ophthalmologists might not have the best eyesight they work hard to ensure that their patients do.

Radiologist – Cat

Cats like hawks have great eyesight, especially in the dark. Similar to radiologists, they both spend a great deal of by themselves hiding away in the dark, avoiding people. They are also notorious for being reclusive and standoffish. Radiologists are like cats because they spend the majority of their time alone and in the dark.

Sports Medicine – Horse

No single animal is involved in as many sporting events as the horse. You have racehorses, show horses, rodeo horses, polo horses, and so many more. Horses love sports and have very expensive legs like some soccer players or swimmers. Like horses, sports medicine doctors deal with patients very invested in sports that rely on a healthy body for their income. 

By Maren Burns