Healing Your Scars: Understanding How Scar Tape and Silicone Sheets Work

healing your scars: understanding how scar tape and silicone sheets work

How your scars heal after surgery is an important factor to many men and women. Most scars are itchy, painful, and make you feel self conscious. They may keep you from sleeping and cause worry or stress. Often after surgery your doctor may recommend scar tape or silicone gel sheet to help your scars heal effectively.

After surgery no one wants scars that last or become permanent. Check with your doctor to find the best type of silicone tape or sheet to use for healing your scars after surgery.

Silicone Gel Sheets

Gel sheets are thin self adhesive bandages that have been proven effective on scars or hypertrophic scars. It is an internationally recommended method to treat scars by the medical community. It has few side effects and is better than steroid injections and pressure applications. Surgical scars get thicker and then smaller as time passes and it heals.

The sheet reduces collagen production in scars. If you use them until you have no scab left it has many positive benefits. It prevents excessive growth of scar tissue.  The scar is flattened and softened, the redness reduced, the sheets decrease the size of the scar, make the skin more flexible, and reduces itching and pain.

Silicone sheet are effective in reducing the size of the scar and improving scar appearance. It provides protection against clothing and bacteria. This is a form of scar healing tape because it sticks to your skin like a band aid. Gel sheets can be taped with silicone tape to keep them in place.

Silicone Tape to Make Scars Less Wide

When you want to make sure a scar does not get wider using silicone tape helps. Silicone tape placed on the length and width of the scar will keep it from getting longer and thicker. Because the tape has silicone gel on it has more healing power. It is easier to keep attached and is easy to remove from the skin.

The paper backing is easy to tear and breathes when applying to the skin. It has a tab that makes it easy to unwind when needed. When removed it does not rip and hurt skin. It is the choice by many nurses for use after surgery on wounds.

Silicone Gel

Silicone gel is a liquid that can be applied on the scar by squirting it into your hands and rubbing it onto the scar. After that you can apply silicone tape to cover the wound. It should be used twice a day. It is easy to use and affordable in cost. The tape protects the wound and can be removed when you clean and apply new gel.

Silicone Tapes, Sheets and Gels

All silicone products work to reduce the size and overall appearance of the scar. It will often help heal discoloration and the texture of the scar. They contain antioxidants that make the scar heal more effectively. They heal skin by adding moisture, oxygen, and hydration. Sheets work faster because you can leave them on all day under clothing.  Sheets can be worn overnight too.

Silicone sheets reduce redness, and itchiness of the scar. They come in many sizes and can fit almost any size scar. It is the safest method around.  Silicone sheets, tape, and gel are an effective say to heal scars after surgery. How to heal scars is easy with silicone gel products. This is one of the most effective scar treatments with the least side effects. Ask your doctor to recommend a brand like scarheal to aid with your recovery after surgery. 

Written by: Joan Russell