3 Reasons Scars Are Like Snowflakes

In a society where perfect, blemishless appearances seem to be everything, surgical scars and severe acne scars can really rain on your confidence parade and affect your social media selfie game. Scars may be imperfect, but believe it or not, they’re a lot like the beautiful snowflakes we admire in the winter. You may be wondering, “How can these two seemingly polar opposites be similar?” How can you find a way to look at your severe acne scars and surgical scars and find beauty in them?

Feel free to listen to the Frozen Soundtrack while reading this post!

Here are three reasons how scars are like snowflakes:

1. Each one is unique.

It’s been said that no two snowflakes are identical and the same goes for scars. Each one varies in shape, size, and color. They can be found on people all over the world and can result from a myriad of causes. Even if two people underwent the same procedure and ended up with similar surgical scars, on the microscopic level they’d still be unique (much like snowflakes) because everyone has different skin. So whether it’s a cluster of ice crystals or fibrous tissue, what we’ve heard is true: no two are the same!


2. They’re symbolic.

Snowflakes are well known and easily recognizable representations of the cold and winter. They’re used on ice packs, A/C units, and holiday wrapping paper amongst many other things. Scars can hold similar symbolism. Most of the time, they either represent a previous condition, recovery, or experience. You may be tired of hearing, “How’d you get that scar?”, but it’s because others are eager to learn about the story behind the symbol.


3. Over time, they fade (or melt) away.

Although snowflakes melt much faster than scars heal, it’s still true that eventually they both fade and can possibly disappear. Whether it be through prescription usage or at-home remedies; scar care can be managed with a multitude of treatment options that cause the scar tissue to heal and fade over time.


Perhaps much to your surprise, scars and snowflakes aren’t so different after all! In the midst of trying to maintain perfection (especially in scar and skin care) it’s reassuring to know our imperfections can be likened to beautiful and treasured entities like snowflakes.

Guest Post Written By: Jordan Rawlinson

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