7 Things That Are Triggering Rosacea

7 things triggering rosacea

Rosacea is an inflammatory skin condition that causes redness, pimples, bumps, small visible blood vessel primarily on the face. What causes rosacea?  It is caused by bacteria, genes, light skin color, and mites.

It appears more in fair skinned individuals and between the ages of 30-50 years old. It causes those that have to feel isolated and very self conscious.  It can be treated by a dermatologist and there are several factors that cause or trigger the condition. Below are seven trigger and how to control them

Too Much Sun

In a survey too much sun caused about 81% of patients to get the symptoms of the disease. It was listed as one of the top triggers of the condition. Always wear a sun screen when you will be in the sun for a long time. Bring an umbrella or sit in the shade when you’re at the beach or outdoors.  Don’t sit for hours in the sun limit it to a ½ hour or less.  Wear a hat when walking for long periods and sun screen.

Food and Beverages

Certain foods trigger symptoms of rosacea after you eat. Keeping a journal can help you figure out what food trigger symptoms. Often spicy food and very hot soup are causes. Curry, cayenne pepper, hot peppers, and salsa are some examples.  Dairy product like sour cream and chocolate often cause episodes. Food that has high histimanines like eggplant, cottage cheese, eggplant, spinach, vinegar, and soy sauce cause symptoms too.

Alcohol and hot beverages can cause flare ups. Especially red wine due to its ingredients. Avoiding alcohol consumption and drinking warm beverages helps.

Skin Care Products

Those suffering from rosacea often are sensitive to skin care products. Soaps, lotions, creams often trigger symptoms. Heavy foundations that require removal or witch-hazel and certain oils cause skin flare-ups.  Find out from your dermatologist what products are good to use. Use alcohol free and fragrance free products.

Extreme Temperatures

Hot temperatures from baths and saunas can cause symptoms. Don’t sit too close to the fire or heating unit.  Even cold weather and wind can cause a flare up. Dress warmly in cold weather and use warm water in showers and baths.

Stress and Emotions

Having the illness causes social stress in jobs and social interactions. Many people with the disease avoid public places and suffer embarrassment due to the illness.  Emotions like anger, shame, and anxiety can cause the symptoms to become worse. Learn some technique to control stress like exercise, deep breathing, and meditation.


Illnesses like a chronic dry cough, high blood pressure and menopause often cause symptoms. If you have these conditions seek treatment for them.  Often lifestyle changes and some medications can help control the symptoms that cause flare-ups.  Drinking too much caffeine and than cutting back quickly has been linked to rosacea flare-ups.


Often high blood pressure medications and steroids cause rosacea symptoms.  When you think your medications might be triggering the symptoms talk with your doctor and try to find another medication.

Finally for rosacea seek treatment from a dermatologist. There are many different medications that can help with symptom. There are some types of surgery for severe cases too.

By Joan Russell