Cancer Care: How To Support A Loved One

Cancer Care: How To Support A Loved One

According to The American Cancer Society one in every three males will develop prostate cancer, and one in every 8 females will develop breast cancer. These numbers are astonishing, and should really put this terrible disease into perspective. With cancer affecting an estimated 1,685,210 people in America this year chances are we all know someone fighting this disease. While we all want to be there for our friends, family, and loved ones it can sometimes be hard to figure out what’s best for someone with cancer.

First, take time for yourself to cope before you try to console a loved one. By figuring out how you feel about the news first, it enables you to talk to your friend or family member without your emotions getting in the way. They know their disease sucks, and they know you feel sorry for them, so go beyond that.

Friends of people with cancer want to help and be normal, but sometimes don’t know how, or don’t want to hurt their friend. You CAN hug a person with cancer! Look past the disease and have fun. Cancer treatment is hard and really takes a toll on the body, keeping a positive outlook is half the battle for someone fighting cancer. Take a look at this list of ways to care for a friend.

How to care for a loved one:

1.     Make them feel needed, fill them in on the juicy gossip and ask for their advice.

2.     Prepare their favorite meal and have dinner and watch a movie together.

3.     If they have children, offer to help with childcare. (babysitting, driving to soccer practice, etc.)

4.     Ask for their grocery list, chances are you’re going there anyway.

5.     Check in with their caregiver to see if they need anything as well.

6.     Be a good listener.

7.     Give lots of nice, long hugs.

Always check with your loved one before planning

anything to make sure they are up for it.

 Caring for a friend with cancer might not be the easiest thing to do, but you have no idea how much it means to them to have you by their side. Your friend is a friend no matter what they’re going through, and love can be as strong as anything for someone who feels like giving up. If you don’t know someone with cancer there are still many ways to help out. Click the link to find out more. 

By Maren Burns