Top 10 Cancer Treatment Centers in Colorado

top 10 cancer treatment centers in colorado

When you have cancer, finding the best cancer doctor and cancer care is extremely important. Below are the 10 best cancer treatment centers in Colorado with great doctors and many special services. It’s important to look for a program that addresses your specific needs and most importantly, makes you feel comfortable. All of the following cancer treatment centers have trained doctors and an excellent staff. 

Good Samitarian Medical Center Lafayette, Colorado

The good Samaritan Medical Center runs The Cancer Center of Colorado. The 87, 000 square foot facility specializes in cancer diagnosis and treatment. They provide cancer screening, breast cancer treatments, and have an infusion center. It is staffed by nurses trained to help administer chemotherapy. It has 15 treatment chairs and a private patient room. There is oncology rehab to help patients with side effect. They have exercise, speech therapy, massage therapy, yoga and cognitive rehab. Other services are hematology, radiation, and nutrition services. They have a skilled doctors and medical staff.

St Joseph Hospital Denver, Colorado

St Joseph Hospital Cancer Center in Denver is one of the only accredited comprehensive cancer treatment center around. They provide high quality technology and cancer research.  Staff members treat patient’s mind, body, and spirit. They have genetic testing and counseling for cancer risk, mammography screenings, medical oncology hematology, radiation, surgery, and nutrition services. The center offers several integrative services that help patients with coping with physical and mental symptoms.

Lutheran Medical Center Wheat Ridge, Colorado

Lutheran Medical Center Cancer Centers of Colorado provide early detection to the most up to date cancer treatments. They have a chemo infusion; center, radiation therapy; genetic testing and counseling, palliative care, clinical trials, screenings, and support groups.  Located on a scenic campus all services are located near each other.

Mercy Regional Medical Center Durango, Colorado

Mercy Regional Medical Center provides a wide variety of radiation therapy.  They provide radiation treatment with the Trinity Linear Accelerator a device with more precision, improved treatment times, and imaging. The center has a chemotherapy infusion center and pharmacy. They have laboratory services to perform test and surgery for cancer patients. There is genetic counseling and nutritional support for cancer patients.  They have massage therapy, dog therapy, and breast cancer prevention.

Penrose –St Francis Health Center in Colorado Spring, CO

The Penrose Cancer Center brings top notch doctors and technology to patients. It is one of the best long standing cancer programs in the United States and a pioneer in radiation oncology. They offer services for all type of cancer radiation, gynecologic, thoracic, surgical, and medical cancer treatments.  Some of the latest surgeries make this treatment center unique. They have radical robotic surgery, carbon dioxide laser surgery, and laparoscopic surgery.

UC Health Colorado Springs, Denver and Northern Colorado

US C has comprehensive cancer care for many different types of cancer. They treat blood cancers, bone cancer, brain, breast, digestive, lung, melanoma, prostate cancer, skin cancer, thyroid cancer and other types. They specialize in clinical trials and nurse navigators that help patients with advice and emotional support during cancer treatments. The centers have bone marrow transplants, chemotherapy, radiation, and surgery. Their cancer centers offer many specialized tests for diagnose and treatment of cancer. One of the cancer centers is the University of Colorado Cancer Center know as one of the 45 elite cancer centers.

Rose Medical Center in Denver Colorado

The Rose Cancer Center is part of the Sarah Cannon Cancer Network.  This means that the center has access to many cancer experts across the country and new information. The Rose Cancer Center is accredited by the Commission on Cancer.  It has leading edge chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, fertility treatments for cancer patients, and surgery. They have integrative services to help patients cope with treatments massage therapy, mediation, nutrition, stress management, and yoga. The Rose Center has a breast care program for treatment and diagnose of breast cancer.

Saint Mary Hospital and Regional Grand Junction, Colorado

St Mary’s had a nationally recognized treatment program. Their specialized cancer unit has chemotherapy, radiation, surgery, and nursing services. They have outpatient care for chemotherapy and radiation. The program has nurse navigators to help with physical and emotional care. The cancer center has a pathology and laboratory to quickly make a diagnosis. They have clinical trial treatments, nutrition counseling, genetic counseling, and palliative care for those that are hospitalized frequently or visit the emergency room often.

Sky Ridge Medical Center

The Sky Ridge Cancer Center uses a team approach to all treatments. They have radiation therapy program, robotic cancer treatment for prostate cancer, radio embolization for liver cancer patients, clinical trials, chemotherapy, robotic assisted surgery for women’s disorders, and nurse navigators. The resource center has latest research and information, provides wigs, scarves and hats to patients.They have a massage and exercise center. It is connected to the Sarah Cannon Cancer Network.

Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers 20 Locations In Colorado.

The Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers offer advanced treatments and specialized care in 20 locations in Colorado. They have chemotherapy, diagnostic imaging, and genetic testing to catch cancer early. The center does extensive laboratory testing to treat blood disorders. They have onsite laboratories for quick results. The Rocky Mountain Cancer Center offers radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and supportive care. There have clinical trials for patients.

These are the 10 best cancer treatment centers in Colorado. Here you will get comprehensive cancer care and support from the best cancer doctors trained to treat the many kinds that exist. 

By Joan Russell