Where Scars Happen & How To Treat Them

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Life might get you down, and if you’re clumsy… life might get you down a little more often than the average person. These accidental injuries can lead to scarring on the body, and other instances such as: surgery, burns, rapid weight gain, intentional harm, illnesses such as chicken pox, and severe acne can also leave unwanted scarring.

Scarring on the Chest, Back, and Shoulder

Scars can form on any area of the body, but are most prevalent on the chest, back, earlobe, and shoulder. They can be easy to hide on these places by accommodating your clothes to hide the unwanted scarring. While these may not be the worst areas to scar because of their convenient location, these are not the only areas that can be majorly affected.

Facial Scarring

Another common area for unwanted scarring occurs on the face. Severe acne scarring is very common among young adults and can occur largely on the face, neck, chest, and back. Many people pick at their acne which easily leads to scarring. Young adults usually don’t realize the long term effects of aggravating their acne, which is why their age group is most likely to experience severe acne scarring.

Developing Treatments

With new technologies and clinical studies there are many dermatologist recommended treatments for scars. When in the process of researching scar removal, it is extremely important to consider the length, severity, and location of the scar to determine the best treatment for you.

Smaller ones can usually be treated with over the counter scar products such as Mederma. Also, pressure dressings used to flatten and soften the appearance of scars, they can also be useful in the treatment of smaller, fresh ones. In more serious cases, they can be treated with laser therapy, surgery, and filler treatments.

Every case is different, and one product cannot be used universally. While they are most prevalent on the chest, back, earlobe, and shoulder, they can form anywhere. It is important to never pick or squeeze them! Another quick tip to prevent a scar from turning white is to avoid going outside in the sun without sunscreen. Lastly, not every scar will disappear completely, but its important to remember that they don’t define you! 

By Maren Burns