What Are Healthcare Practices Thankful For?

This week marks the kickoff of the season of giving. On Thursday, we’ll be celebrating the season of giving THANKS, thanks for our loved ones, whoever invented deep fried turkey, the NFL network and four-day weekends with our friends and family.  Thinking about what we are thankful for in our personal lives got us thinking about what we are thankful for at our practices across the country and we realized that there so, so many.  Hopefully as you read through our list you’ll realize how thankful you are for the same things at your practice. Maybe you’ll even add some of your own to the list in our comment section!

1.     Our practices wouldn’t be anything without our patients, so as always they are our #1. We know they can go anywhere for their care, so when they choose us, it’s an honor.

2.     We are thankful for our referring physician offices that entrust their patients’ care to our hands. We value your trust and are proud to work as an extension of your practice.

3.     Our staff members are dedicated, coming in early or staying late, just so we can fit a patient into the schedule during a time that works for them. They don’t complain about coming in after hours, because they know it will help the practice in the long run.

4.     It’s funny to think of your equipment vendors as a part of your practice, but sometimes we require their support and we are thankful that they are able to be there for us when we need them.


5.     We are thankful for the owners of our independent centers. In our industry there is a lot of pressure to get bought out by hospital systems due to decreasing reimbursement, but our centers’ owners understand the value of remaining independent and have chosen to take the path less traveled.

6.     The life of a marketing representative can be flat out exhausting. They are constantly on the road, out in the community showing what is so great about our centers. Additionally, they are always looking for ways to help make their referring offices’ staff happy, which means they are always bending over backwards to help.

7.     We’re thankful for Yelp because it helps us gather reviews for our centers. It allows patients to hear from other patients about their positive experiences at our centers. On the flip side, if a patient doesn’t have a perfect experience for any reason, it gives them a way to let us know so that we can fix it.

8.     Salesforce is our marketing savior on a daily basis. The CRM helps us track referring offices, keep track of meetings and grow our centers’ success, so we’re pretty thankful that we have access to this awesome platform.

9.     We’re extra thankful for our office Keurigs. Because coffee. Coffee. Coffee. Coffee. Need we say more?

10.  Lastly, we are thankful for Jean Fridays! We are lucky enough to basically wear pajamas (read: scrubs) every day, but there is just something about getting to wear jeans on Friday that screams “WEEKEND!”

Tell us what your practice is thankful for this Thanksgiving…