Get To Know Our Onboarding Form And Where To Find It

Every week for the past two weeks we’ve been covering what that process looks like overall, and from each particular step. We hope that by deconstructing each step, we can show just how much upfront value we offer our clients during the onboarding process, while also making it as easy and simple for them as possible. This week, we’re deconstructing step 2 of 5: our Client Onboarding Details Form - or, simply put, the Onboarding Form.

Client Evaluations & Marketing Proposals: A Key Part Of Atlantic's Onboarding Process

While some healthcare marketing agencies do offer comprehensive evaluations and in-depth proposals for potential clients, they tend to place a big price tag on it. At Atlantic Health Solutions, we believe in providing up front value for our potential clients at no cost to them and with no demand for commitment.

5 Ways Our Onboarding Process Is Simple, Quick, And Effective

Bringing a new marketing team onboard to support your healthcare practice, or start-up, can be quite a headache. That is why we’ve paid special attention to making our marketing onboarding process for new clients as easy and uncomplicated as possible. Here are 5 ways our onboarding process is different from your standard marketing agency.

Marketing To Millennials

With millennials posed on the cusp of surpassing Baby Boomers as the nation’s largest living adult generation, marketing to millennials has never been more important. So, how do you get millenials to pay attention? Here are a few ideas.

The Business of Social Media Marketing and Social Media Influencer Relations

Each year new social media platforms are introduced, bringing new ideas, methods of sharing, and shifts in the tastes of consumers and businesses alike. Marketing departments are taking part in these conversations by creating platforms to engage with potential clients and social media influencers. Read more about how social media is changing and how your organization can get involved with social media influencers.