Case Study: Here’s How To Convert More Patient Appointments On Your Website

Practices need to find ways to use digital marketing to grow patient volume - gone are the days of referring physicians being the only way to get more patients. Check out this case study where we share what we did to grow a practice’s online patient requests by over 75%.

5 Back-End Optimizations For Your Blog

5 Back-End Optimizations For Your Blog

Knowing how to optimize your page content and make it visible to search engines is the most important part of blogging and marketing content! Without it, your audience may not even be able to find your posts and your site's traffic will suffer significantly. If this sounds like something you’re struggling with, here are 5 easy back-end optimizations for your blog posts you can use to improve your pageviews and site ratings.

SEO Competitor Analysis: How To Win The Competition Online

SEO competitor analysis is an effective technique to learn how to have higher search engine ranking and have your website positioned ahead of your competitors. Read more... 

Case Study: How Small, Strategic Changes To Your Website Can Make A Huge Impact

“Making a change” doesn’t have to be over-complicated, it’s not always an entire website re-haul or a drastic shift in your messaging. Oftentimes it’s the minute changes, the small, strategic tweaks over time that incite the most powerful results. With this case study, we'll walk you through a success story that demonstrates how small, strategic optimizations to your website can make a huge impact.

7 Tips for Using Content in Your Marketing Automation

You may have heard “content marketing” get thrown around, but what it is and why does it matter? Content marketing is a way to market your healthcare business and promote your brand cost effectively. It is a major factor in helping your practice increase your search engine ranking. Content marketing offers many tangible and intangible benefits to the healthcare industry, so here’s our top seven benefits. Continue Reading Article >