Case Study: Here’s How To Convert More Patient Appointments On Your Website

Practices need to find ways to use digital marketing to grow patient volume - gone are the days of referring physicians being the only way to get more patients. Check out this case study where we share what we did to grow a practice’s online patient requests by over 75%.

PPC Case Study: Increasing AdWords Conversions By 133.96% With One Change

How did we increase our PPC client's conversions by 133.96% month over month with a single change? That's easy - we set up an experiment testing a new bidding method and watched the magic unfold. We're going to walk you through our thought process, AdWords experiment, and take a deeper look at the crazy results. Read more for Google AdWords tips:

Traditional vs. Non-Traditional Marketing in Healthcare

Now, there so many other ways for health care providers to reach patients with inbound content marketing techniques, which enables healthcare marketers to actually track the success of their efforts.

Case Study: How Small, Strategic Changes To Your Website Can Make A Huge Impact

“Making a change” doesn’t have to be over-complicated, it’s not always an entire website re-haul or a drastic shift in your messaging. Oftentimes it’s the minute changes, the small, strategic tweaks over time that incite the most powerful results. With this case study, we'll walk you through a success story that demonstrates how small, strategic optimizations to your website can make a huge impact.