5 Healthcare Marketing Experts You Should Start Stalking Immediately

Marketing can be difficult, especially when you’re in healthcare. Healthcare marketing has changed drastically over the past decade, evolving into an exciting but incredibly complicated mass of practices, tools, and ideas. The great thing about healthcare marketing is that it’s essentially a wide open frontier. We’ve moved so far beyond our traditional methods of the past that in many cases, those ideas aren’t relevant anymore. We’re moving forward. It’s a time of expansion, of thinking outside the box, of incredible growth. The bad thing about that, though, is that it means there’s not much to go off of.

Marketing is an incredibly collaborative field. We feed off each others’ ideas, we share our successes and our failures and we challenge both ourselves and our fellow marketers to grow. In an industry where marketing is so fresh and untested, though, where are we supposed to draw inspiration from?

We’ve gathered a list of a few of our favorite healthcare marketing experts, the ones who are regularly sharing exciting and innovative ideas specific to the healthcare industry with their fellow marketers. They’re pretty much healthcare marketing gurus, and if you’re not following them on every platform you can then you’re missing out on a lot of great content that could help you improve your marketing strategy and better your brand.

So, without any further delay, here’s 5 healthcare marketing experts you should start stalking immediately (while keeping in mind that restraining orders are a very real thing).

Marie Ennis-O’Connor @JBBC

She’s a Healthcare Social Media Consultant and health blogger, and she’s been named one of Klick Health’s top 50 global social media influencers. She specializes in providing social media consultancy and training services to companies in the healthcare industry, and she’s always sharing great tools and trends in healthcare marketing.

Stewart Gandolf @StewartGandolf 

He’s the CEO of Healthcare Success Strategies, a medical marketing and health care ad agency in California. He’s famous for all of the #hcmkgt stories he shares on Twitter, and his website has a ton of resources for online marketing as well.

Mitchell Cotthoff @MitchCotthoff 

If the 28,000 followers aren’t enough to convince you this guy knows what he’s talking about, a few minutes on his Twitter feed will. Mitchell’s constantly sharing innovative marketing resources online with his followers, and they’re all easily adaptable to the healthcare industry.

Salman Aslam @asksalmanaslam 

As a Digital Business Strategist and Co-Founder/CEO of Omnicore Agency, Salman’s got a lot of knowledge about healthcare marketing. He specializes in digital marketing, though, and what makes him different from some of our other gurus is the fact that his content is geared specifically towards marketers looking to boost their traffic on social media platforms. The content is valuable, and it’s specific too.

Fergus Linskey @FergusLinskey 

We love Fergus, and not just because he’s Tampa based! All of his marketing tips are geared specifically towards individual doctors and healthcare practices, which means no time spent trying to take those tips and translate them to be relevant for your business.

The list doesn’t stop with these five! There are tons of valuable resources out there, and there are lots of healthcare marketing experts doing everything they can to share them with others. We’ve made a habit of trying to follow as many of them as we can. You can find them through our page @Atlantic_Health