The Importance Of Physician Liaisons: How Poor Physician Relations Are Killing Your Business

The Importance Of Physician Liaisons: How Poor Physician Relations Are Killing Your Business

Physician liaisons. They’re your ace in the hole, the most important trick up your sleeve, and if you’re a healthcare provider in the 21st century who doesn’t have one, you’re in trouble. Physician relations are the bread and butter of healthcare marketing. Your referring physicians are your life force. They’re where you get your patients, they’re what keeps the lights on and the machines running. They can be your greatest allies, or your worst enemy.

Your center lives or dies based on referring physicians. We know this. It’s not some big secret. Our referring physician’s offices are what keep our world turning, so why wouldn’t you want to do everything you could to keep those relationships alive?  For some, the answer is simple. They’re just not sure how to do that. That’s where we can help.

The secret to making your referring physicians happy is simple: maintain good physician relations. How do you actually maintain good physician relations, though? Have a dedicated physician liaison.

Marketing to referring physicians is one of the best strategies for increasing your volume, but most physician groups don’t have the time or resources to actually do this. That’s where the physician liaison comes in. They’re a marketing representative whose sole job is to educate physicians and referral coordinators on services and procedures that your center offers, ensure patient and physician satisfaction, and solicit feedback for you.

They’re there to strengthen your relationships with the referring physician’s offices in your area, to create new relationships and expand the amount of referring physicians for your center, to deal with any criticisms or concerns, to ensure that patients are continuing to be sent to your center, and to make sure the physicians so integral to the success of your business remain happy.

Physician liaisons are crucial in both maintaining your relationships with referring physicians and making sure that your volume continues to grow. They’re one of the services we’re most proud to offer, and we understand just how important they are. If you don’t currently have a physician liaison, there are so many opportunities you could be missing out on.

How do you know when there’s a problem? What if the only reason the largest referring physician’s office in your area isn’t sending their patients to you is because they’re not sure if you accept a particular insurance carrier? How are you supposed to know? Centers lose hundreds of patients each and every year for small issues that could be easily fixed through communication, and your physician liaison is just that. They’re your direct form of communication with your physicians, they’re the ones who make sure you’re not losing out on those patients due to lack of information, and the value they’re providing is irreplaceable.

Our physician liaison program is one of the best. We understand the importance of these reps in the success of a center, and they’re an asset we want everyone to have. What sets our physician liaisons apart is the promise of exclusivity that we offer. Each liaison only represents one specialty per area, so there’s no conflict of interest. You’re guaranteed someone who is specific to just your center, and who is trained specifically in the specialties that you offer.

Just think about it. An expert dedicated to your center and trained in your specialty whose sole purpose is to create and maintain those relationships with your referring physicians, to smooth out the kinks, to educate and grow your referral base, to gather feedback for you, and to keep those volume numbers rising. It’s an invaluable service, and it’s one every healthcare provider needs. If you know your physician relations could be improved and you’re interested in the possibility of bringing on a physician liaison, you can reach out to Kelly—the fabulous woman spearheading our Physician Relations services—by emailing