3 Summer Campaign Ideas For Your Imaging Center

three summer campaigns for your imaging center

Summer is approaching quickly, and many of us in healthcare marketing are scrambling for ideas to ramp up our marketing this season. Whether you want to boost engagement on social media, drive traffic to your website, or increase brand recognition, summer is filled with endless marketing potential to adhere to your needs.

There are tons of awesome summer holidays for you to take advantage of this year, from your classic holidays like Mother’s Day and Father’s Day to your less traditional but fun ones like National Ice Cream Soda Day. With so many options out there, healthcare marketers have tons of opportunities for campaign piggy-backs and contests that are sure to see strong engagement from patients.

Everyone loves summer. School kids are rejoicing at the nearing sight of summer vacation and families are already planning their summer getaways. This creates maximum marketing potential and gives your center the range to decide the theme of your campaign that perfectly fits your goals. That being said, with so many options it can sometime be tricky to determine what type of campaign might work well for your imaging center. Here are a few fun summer campaign ideas to help you get the creative juices flowing!

Tie Dye Event

At some point in everyone’s life, they’ve dragged a pile of white clothes outside and shaken up their dye bottles to create a tie dye master piece. If you want to increase your relationship with the public while simultaneously promoting your center and creating an event geared towards people of all age ranges, tie dye is an awesome idea. Offer the tie dye supplies and set up a large enough area where everyone can participate. Make a day of it, offering food and drinks and having some fun summer games set up as well. It might sound a little bit overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be! Team up with local businesses in the community, it’s a great way of getting sponsors and increasing participation. You can even tie dye for a cause, give participants the option to donate their shirts to a local charity that clothes the homeless.

Summer Fun Photo Contest

The summer months are the perfect time to gather your kids, significant other, best friend, etc., and start on an adventure. This is the season for camping, hiding away in cabins, and sailing away on cruises. Everyone is outside and fulfilling their summer vacation and this is your chance to capitalize on summer fun. Consider running a photo-based contest on social media where you ask participants to share a photo of how they are having fun this summer and give a description explaining their photo. You can offer a summer themed prize to incentivize participants—depending on your budget it could be something smaller like tickets to a theme park or even a sun n’ fun bundle of beach supplies. If you’ve got a larger budget, consider something a little more exciting like a weekend in a hotel or a vacation package! This is a fun way to increase engagement and encourage people to participate. Anything to keep the summer fun continuing!

Fourth of July Trivia

A lot of these campaigns are fun for patients, but what if your center is looking for a small contest to run just for referring physician’s offices? A trivia contest should hit the spot. An easy way to boost engagement among your referring physicians is to run a trivia contest that centers on not commonly known facts about this patriotic holiday leading up to the event. You can do this in the form of a crossword puzzle or a fill-in-the-blank trivia sheet. Pass it out to your physician’s offices, let them fill it out and fax it back in, and then randomly draw your winner. Whoever correctly answers the most amount of trivia by Fourth of July will receive a themed prized. For example, you could offer a firework bundle kit as a prize (even though that might not be the safest prize option!), or maybe even throw a Fourth of July party for the winner’s office. This is a super fun and easy way to get people involved and excited about a contest that you’re running.

Summer is a gold mine for your center’s campaign possibilities. These potential campaign ideas will be sure to engage your audience and get people excited to join your center in this summer fun. Just keep in mind, if your budget is limited, don’t feel as if you can’t participate in creating these contests. If you focus on creating a fun contest, users will be encouraged to participate simply because it is enjoyable in itself. Sometimes the point of entering in a contest is simply to get competitive and have fun! If you need more marketing inspiration for your imaging center, make sure to check up on our blog. We’re always posting fun ideas for healthcare marketing!