The Endless Fountain of Healthcare Blogging Ideas

the endless fountain of healthcare blogging ideas

Maintaining a blog requires constant creativity and sharpness, especially if your blog has a niche. In order to maintain a successful blog, you will need to constantly create topics that interest your target audience. Sounds easy enough, but what do you do when you feel like you’re all out of topics? Whether you’re running a dermatologist practice, medical imaging center, or anything healthcare related, there are certainly ways to get the creative juices flowing!

1. Debunk myths.

This will open the door to endless topics if you consider, “What is a misconception our patients seem to have?” You can create blogs debunking each myth or misconception that walks through your front door. For example, if you’re running a medical imaging center you could write a blog titled “Radiation Myths Debunked” considering many patients believe MRIs expose patients to radiation.

2. Create 101 blogs.

Patients don’t always have a doctor at their disposal, but they certainly have the internet. This is where your blog comes in. Create 101 blogs that detail topics they want to know more about. For example, if you’re running a dermatology blog create blogs along the lines of “Acne scars explained” or “All you need to know about psoriasis”. Become their resource!

3. Be silly.

One easy way to create a blog is to make light of your profession. Sit down and think about what your field is similar to. For example, Radiologists are typically reserved, spend time in the dark, and rarely socialize so you could create something similar to “10 ways radiologists are secretly cats”.

4. A day in the life.

Your office and your employees have something unique to offer—their perspective. The majority of your patients have never been on the other end of an appointment at a healthcare practice. Create a blog explaining what a day in the life of various employees in your office is like. This can turn into a really interesting blog!

5. Offer Commentary on Trending Topics.

This is where you can find endless potential. Keep a close eye on the trending topics and choose wisely what you wish to cover. For example, in light of the recent Orlando shooting, you could write a blog offering your condolences and explaining that you stand with those affected. Or, if you simply see a silly video trending about a boy after his trip to the dentist, you can cover that while figuring out a way to tie it back to your practice!

Blogging is a wonderful way to become a resource for the online community. You can be there to make them informed, laugh, cry, etc. However, when you feel like you are all out of ideas, simply turn to this list. Each of these topics opens the doors for endless possibilities for your healthcare practice. Keep in mind that you want to be blogging no less than one time per week, so get blogging! After all, you have endless topics to choose from.