How to Run Your Healthcare Practice's Pinterest Account!

How to Run Your Healthcare Practice's Pinterest Account

According to VB, there are over 100 million users on Pinterest. That is a huge pool of potential customers that you’re missing out on if your business isn’t active on this platform. You may have heard numerous people say they have a board for their future wedding, house inspiration, DIY crafts, etc. So, what does this have to do with healthcare? Trust us, there’s endless potential for your healthcare practice on Pinterest and we’re here to show you the light. If your healthcare practice has a Pinterest, but doesn’t know how to start using it, then you’re in luck. Here’s 4 steps to take after you’ve created a Pinterest for your healthcare practice.

1. Increase brand awareness.

Pinterest allows each user to customize their own page, which your practice can capitalize on. You can add your business name, logo, description explaining your services, and links to your other social media platforms. Your boards should be healthcare related, so any user browsing through your pins will be there because they are researching healthcare related information. This is the perfect time to capitalize on increasing your brand awareness and make sure potential customers know who you are. While this platform is used leisurely by users, that doesn’t mean you can’t snag new patients.

2. Gain a healthcare following.

This is key. You want to follow and pin items from users that are healthcare related. Whether they simply have a board about healthier living, healthcare trivia, etc., target these people. This enhances your likelihood of them following your account back. For example, if a pool company followed your account, would you be likely to follow to them back? Of course not, you’re running a healthcare practice. It’s important to create a target audience and find people that fit the bill. Don’t waste your efforts following people that most likely will ignore your follow. You need to show them that your account falls within their interests!

3. Create boards that users will want to follow.

While it’s important to have a board for your business and pinning relevant articles, your services, etc., don’t focus primarily on yourself. You just need to be a resource for your followers. Get creative and come up with boards that are fun, interesting, and engaging for your followers. Here’s a few examples to get your mind going: “Fitness Routines”, “Healthy Bones” “Parents Guide: Keeping Your Kid Healthy” “Healthcare Trivia” “Healthcare Memes”. Depending on your practice, you can target your boards a little further. Just make sure it’s fun and something that people would want to follow.

4. Boost engagement through contests.

What’s the point of having a Pinterest if no one is engaging with your pins? Pinterest is the perfect place to host a photo contest considering it’s a platform full of photos. You can decide how you want to run your photo contest, (Example: most creative photo with our business logo on it will win X prize) but just make sure you have enough of a following to run this contest. Encourage your patients in person to participate and get the ball rolling if organically growing your followers hasn't panned out in a big way yet. By boosting engagement, your page will see an increase in activity and followers which means a higher chance of potential patients.

Pinterest has endless potential for your healthcare practice, but make sure you’re starting with the basics and don’t get too far ahead of yourself. Following these first steps will make sure your account is in tip-top shape. Every business needs a hearty following, active engagement from followers, and great content. Start with the basics and see how far you’ll go!