7 Facebook Posts For Your Cardiology Center

7 facebook posts for your cardiology center

In today’s society, medical marketing is certainly quite a bit different than it was just a decade ago. Though you might still see billboards or commercials marketing for different medical practices, healthcare social media has taken over as a significant aspect of marketing.

Like any form of healthcare marketing, using social media effectively can be the difference between new patients going to your center versus them going to your competitors’ centers. Using Facebook and making Facebook posts on your personal account is about connecting with your friends online, and using Facebook as a form of healthcare marketing is only the slightest bit different.

Your number one goal, just like with your personal account, is to have your center connect and engage with people who follow your page, like your page, or just happen to come across your posts. Of course, posting on your personal Facebook is much easier as it can be whatever is on your mind, and in the end, it doesn’t matter how much your personal page engages with your friends.

So, what do you post on your cardiology center’s Facebook page in order to ensure that you are connecting with people on a personal level and engaging with patients through your posts? Here are 7 types of posts your center should focus on:

1.    “101” Posts

It is important to remember that you’re posting for normal people outside your center, so they might literally have no clue what’s going on. You can do certain posts explaining common procedures or certain tests your center offers, or just explaining certain terminology someone might hear in the office. Bringing things down to a simple level might help bring your center down to a level they feel more comfortable engaging with.

2.    Behind-the-Scenes Posts

One of the most useful things about Facebook is letting people connect with others they might not connect with in everyday life. The simplest way to do this as a cardiology center is to provide your friends and follows with behind-the-scenes access. For instance, post a photo of a workshop, a team holiday, or a team member. This will give people a chance to see your center in a way that’s easier to connect with rather than as strictly professionals. They can see who they’re going to work with and get a sense of your office’s culture.

3.    Interesting Infographics and Visual Content

The most effective type of post on Facebook are those that include visual content. So, make a striking infographic, or video, with self-explanatory images that are easy to understand quickly. This will increase the likelihood of people seeing the post, quickly getting an idea of what you’re trying to relay, and then share, comment, or like your content. Videos and other visual content on Facebook have a lot of success.

4.    Links and Articles Connecting People to your Blog and Other Pages

As Facebook is a place where people connect to other people and places, make sure your website, your other social media pages, and your blogs are very easily accessible. Another thing you should do is post every so often about your other pages and share whenever you publish a new article on your blog or website. Keep others in the loop.

5.    Current News Relevant to the Cardiology Field

Facebook is a massive news source on top of being a social site, so join all of the buzz. If there’s something ground-breaking, or very popular in the cardiology field (or anything related to it), don’t hesitate to share. This will show people that you’re engaged in the whole Facebook culture entirely, not just to advertise your own services to people. This also helps make your center appear to be with the times.

6.    Patient Acknowledgement Posts

Never forget about one of the most important parts of your team – the patients. Make sure you’re showing people that you know that patients are of the utmost importance to your center. Whether you’re sharing a success stories, or wishing your patients a happy holiday, sharing a picture of a patient or an event, make sure you’re acknowledging your patients. This will also make individuals feel like your page is an engaging one.

7.    Light-Hearted Common Posts and Quotes

Not everything has to be business, and not everything should on Facebook. Many people go on Facebook for the inspirational stories, motivational quotes, or just the general positivity. Keep it light-hearted and positive by posting common things and good quotes that others can share with their friends and engage with the positivity of your posts. People love sharing positive, inspirational things on Facebook.

At the end of the day, you want to make sure that you are engaging with people through your Facebook page. Facebook provides your cardiology center to connect with your patients, heart to heart. You can bring your relations to a casual and personal level by running an effective Facebook page, which can make all of the difference in the world when patients are deciding which cardiology center they might want to go to. 

By Russell McBurnie