Why You Should Use Videos In Your Content Marketing

Why You Should Use Videos In Your Content Marketing, How videos increase conversions in healthcare, how videos increase engagement in healthcare

If you follow current marketing trends, you’ve probably noticed that use of video in content marketing has been on the rise in recent years, a trend that we have no doubt will continue to become more popular in the future. If you’re not using video in your healthcare marketing, it’s time to wake up! 51% of marketing professionals worldwide already consider video to be the type of content that promises the highest ROI. Even more impressive of a statistic is the fact that companies who use video grow revenue 49% faster on average than non-video users.

 Okay, these numbers are quite notable, but why do videos make such a huge impact on a current healthcare digital marketing? 

1.     Videos Improve Your SEO

We tend to think that Google doesn’t have favorite types of content, right? Well, guess what! Google loves videos, probably more than any other type of content. In fact, adding video content to your healthcare website can increase your chances of a first page Google search result by 53 times!

However, in order to become Google’s favorite, placing a random video on your site isn’t enough. The content still has to be relevant, whether it’s a video or an image or simply text on your landing page. You will need to identify what aspects of your healthcare business you would like to promote and, based on those needs, create a video for your healthcare website that’s incredibly relevant to that content. For example, for a Rejûvaskin® skincare brand, we’ve created the following video that promotes positive images of women using their products:

2.     Videos Drive Higher Engagement

It’s not a secret that the contemporary generation doesn’t want to read. With all the available forms of easily digestible social media, we have become so used to a lazy routine of watching and scrolling, that reading a long article seems time-consuming and unnecessary. Why spend 10 minutes reading a blog post when you could get the gist of the information in a 30-second video? Today 80% of users would rather watch a video than reading company’s content marketing posts.

That’s why visual content is so much better for creating stronger patient engagement – even the laziest patient will watch a video! So why not deliver the same info you would want your patients to read in a visual representation with additional attention hooks like a story line, background music, and graphics? For example, for the International Society of Computed Tomography conference we crafted a video promotion that effectively points out the conference’s numerous milestones and benefits in just 36 seconds:

3.     Videos Help Build Trust

Any business craves its clients’ trust. What could be more important, especially in an industry like healthcare where the patient’s life is, in many cases, quite literally in your hands? So how do you build this trust? If you’ve been in the healthcare industry for a considerably long time and already have hundreds of testimonials, recognition, and referrals, you probably have enough credibility and have built this patient trust already.

But what can you do if you are a healthcare startup or a new doctor who is trying to attract new patients and build that rapport from scratch? Believe it or not, video content is your best marketing tool! You can use videos to talk to the patients, or even give them a “behind the scenes” view of what goes on at your practice. Whatever you choose, potential patients can see it all with their own eyes. Video gives you the opportunity to show your personality and evoke strong feelings that will help to build trustful relationships with your patients. Take a look at one video that our client, HZ Plastic Surgery, had produced featuring their chief plastic surgeon:

4.     Videos Appeal To Mobile Users

It's fascinating how internet browsing shifts from desktop to mobile devices more and more every year. While a generous part of browsing is still happening on desktop devices, people already use their mobile phones for almost everything. Did you know that more than 50% of all video views and likes are happening on a mobile device? Of course, it’s way more convenient to watch a video rather than read text on your phone. Thus, text-heavy healthcare webpages are not appealing to mobile users and you need to use more video content to address this issue. Besides, by using videos in your healthcare business you’ll be able to grow your audience, as a number of smartphone users is rapidly growing.

5.     Videos Increase Conversions

When you take the aforementioned points into account, it’s not surprising to hear that one of the biggest benefits of video content is its propensity for increasing your conversions. Remember: vision is the most dominant sense. This fact alone is enough to explain why video in your healthcare content marketing can increase your conversion rates. And don’t forget, simply adding video content to your landing page will increase conversions by 80%!

Convinced that using video is necessary for your practice, but not sure how to create one?

If you’re looking to DIY your video content on the cheap, there are many online self-explanatory video maker tools like Biteable or Wevideo that can help you to create one yourself. If you’re looking for polished, impactful video content, we strongly suggest using a professional healthcare marketing team, as they will handle all the aspects of creating a video, taking into consideration an array of video production aspects you’ve never thought of, from strategy to the technical aspects like proper lighting and clear sound to post-production editing and video dissemination. If you have any questions about using videos in your content marketing or need any marketing help, you know how to find us!

Why You Should Use Videos In Your Content Marketing



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