5 Ways To Honor Your Rad Techs During National Radiologic Technology Week

5 Ways To Honor Your Rad Techs During National Radiologic Technology Week, radiologic technologist, radiology

Marketers spend so much time focusing on how to make their patients feel appreciated that sometimes they forget to utilize the same tactics within their own organization. Every healthcare organization is only as good as the people who are part of it, and this week healthcare organizations around the world were given a chance to recognize some of their most valuable team members: radiologic technologists.

That’s right, it’s National Rad Tech Appreciation Week, and as a successful healthcare industry employer, you need to make sure your employees understand just how much you appreciate the work that they’re doing.

In order to show our appreciation to all the radiology technologists in the industry, we want to share our ultimate guide on how to make your rad techs feel like stars.

In other words, here are 5 unique ways to show your appreciation to your rad techs during a National Radiologic Technology Week.

1. Throw A National Radiologic Technology Week Office Party

Who doesn’t like a free party, especially in their honor? Having an office celebration is a great way to honor your techs. It can be an after-work pizza party or a BBQ picnic lunch - get creative and make sure all your employees, especially your radiology technologists, have a chance to attend.

If ordering pizza or making a BBQ, order your radiology technologists’ favorite foods, so they actually feel this party is created for them. During a party, take some time to express your appreciation for all great work your radiology technologists do and highlight major milestones they were able to achieve during this year.

2. Gift Customized Edible Presents To All Your Radiologic Technologists

5 Ways To Honor Your Rad Techs During National Radiologic Technology Week, National Radiologic Technology Week

Edible presents won’t break the bank, but will absolutely make your employees feel happy and appreciated. Here you can get as artsy as your soul wants – consider cookies, candies, cakes, trail mixes – anything that can be customized with appreciation message or shaped as something symbolic to your radiology technologists.

For example, one of our lovely clients, North Nebraska Imaging, came up with these awesome cookies for their radiology technologists to be distributed during National Radiologic Technology Week->

3. Gift Customized Company Apparel Themed To National Radiologic Technology Week To All Employees

5 Ways To Honor Your Rad Techs During National Radiologic Technology Week

Giving away customized company apparel is a great way to show your appreciation as well as aspire employees’ unity and develop a strong company culture. Do you know how sometimes companies devote one day, usually Friday, to be a branded apparel day? The same kind of theme can be applied to all healthcare celebrations in your office!

For example, during National Radiologic Technology Week, you can have your radiology technologists wear customized “knight of the day” t-shirts; while all other employees can wear t-shirts that have appreciation message or supporting graphics to your radiology technologists. Be original and craft a message unique to your rad techs so it looks something like this (picture above). 

4. Give Your Rad Techs Shout-outs On Social

While you should definitely plan to include news and posts related to a National Radiologic Technology Week, you can also consider social media as an appreciation board for all your radiology technologists. During this week, post something about each of your radiology technologists – their photos, positive patient reviews, success stories- anything you have that can show them how much you appreciate them. In that way, you’ll make your rad techs feel important and valuable, creating a buzz in social media and increasing audience engagement at the same time.  

5. Find A Creative Way To Compensate Them

 Who said rewards have to be boring? Remember, creativity is the key when picking a gift! Take into consideration anything ranging from movie tickets or a sporting event to random lottery tickets. There’re plenty of monetary rewards that can be incredibly pleasant to receive, you just need to figure out what will be the optimal type of gift in terms of your budget.

P.S. Make sure you enthusiastically celebrate appreciation weeks of all types of employees in your company, so every single person feels as an important part of the team!

What Do Appreciation Weeks Mean To Healthcare Marketing?

Appreciation weeks are a win-win for marketers AND for employees. By making your employees feel valuable and honored and subsequently cultivating a company culture that’s positive and a fun thing to be part of, you create loyal brand ambassadors who will spread the word about your organization, which will improve your brand identity and contribute to overall reputation. Also, by posting messages of appreciation on your social media, you promote your intangible assets - aka your employees and their skills - which can be additional value propositions of your healthcare brand.

Make sure to create a comprehensive social media National Radiologic Technology Week campaign that will generate desired engagement and bring you high-quality leads. And, of course, if you need help creating one, you know where to find the best healthcare marketing agency, that can handle all your marketing requests!

5 Ways To Honor Your Rad Techs During National Radiologic Technology Week



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