5 Sure-Fire Ways To Get More Instagram Followers

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Starting out on Instagram can be a bit overwhelming when you realize people aren’t flooding your account with “now following” notifications. And you really start to get tired of seeing your friends and family liking your client’s posts out of courtesy. So, how can you get more Instagram followers without shelling out money to get fake followers? Here are 5 tips to see your follower count begin to climb the charts.

1. Start spying on your competitors.

Seriously. It’s easy and free! If you’re running a plastic surgery center’s Instagram, search for other plastic surgery accounts in the area and you’ve hit a follower gold mine. Simply run down the list and follow the users that are real – not the robot/spam accounts. You’ll be stunned by how many people will follow back within 24 hours!

Pro-Tip: Download an Instagram account cleaner that mass unfollows accounts. This will ensure your follower/following ratio doesn’t get out of whack when you go on these following sprees.

2. #Hashtag your posts.

Using hashtags on your Instagram posts is a given, but are you doing this effectively? Often times businesses are making up hashtags out of thin air that are totally #NotRelevant. So, use Websta.me to help identify relevant hashtags with high volume. This free tool allows users to search any term and it populates a lengthy list of relevant hashtags. So, no more guess work!

3. Spot potential followers in relevant hashtags.

So, not only should you be using hashtags to get in front of the eyes of your niche audience, but you should also be mining for people using these hashtags. Take some time to follow and like photos posted by users that are using these hashtags that represent your business. They’re more likely to follow your account if they’re interested in what your business. #Ge

4. It’s time to button up your Instagram account.

While this may not boost your Instagram follower count, it will certainly make for a better user experience. Before Instagram unveiled their business account option, the only way users could truly engage with your business was by clicking a URL in your bio. Well, those days are long gone (thankfully).

Now, you will automatically have three buttons that allow users to either call, email or open their GPS to locate your business. Plus, you get insights (or analytics) on each of your posts to determine how they’re performing. Major bonus!

5. Spread the love – I mean, likes on Instagram.

What’s the point of running an Instagram account if you aren’t genuinely active on it? No one wants to follow an account that wants all of the “likes” for themselves. Find users in your niche whether you locate them through searching relevant hashtags or by spotting them in a competitor’s follower log and like their posts.

And don’t forget to actually spend some time liking photos on your own timeline – your followers want to feel like you’re really following them. It makes your account seem genuine and also puts your brand out there – there’s certainly no harm in going on liking sprees. 

Don't have the time? No problem.

Starting out on Instagram certainly isn’t easy, but if you’re implementing all of these tactics you will definitely start to get more Instagram followers. But if you’re thinking, “I do NOT have time for that”, we’re here for you. Our team at Atlantic Health Solutions is equipped with marketing experts that not only offer social media marketing but a plethora of other services. Learn more about all of our marketing services or schedule a consultation with our Director of Marketing today!


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