Goodbye to Summer, Start Collecting on Medical Billing

As a child, I waited the entire year for summer.  I remember summer’s care free days that nudged on boredom.  Unfortunately by August, I usually became anxious awaiting for school to begin.  With the start of school came anticipated opportunities.  It usually didn’t take long before I once again started my longing for summer.

I guess some things never change.  This summer exhibited a Hurricane, a terrible economy, and an even worse void of leadership by our government.  Certainly, I should be happy that summer is passing.  Maybe the rest of the year will be better!

Against my better judgement honed by decades of passing summers, I am excited by the future.  Some good things happened over the summer.  I took the slow business season to assess our personnel and strategic direction.  I took time to assess where we have failed and acknowledged our many successes.  And just like the start of school, I know there is still a lot of work ahead.

Soon, I am pretty sure I will be longing for summer to return.