RBMA Marketing Lessons

Didn’t make it to any RBMA Marketing forums yet this year? That’s okay, we’ve got the inside scoop. It seems most conversations revolved around industry changes, what’s next, how to use strategic planning and how to gain market leadership.

The glory days of easy-come health care are behind us, take a look at the changes that have occurred over the past decade:

-       more aggressive competition efforts

-       hospitals gaining market dominance by purchasing practices

-       reimbursement cuts causing dips in profitability

-       trends towards low cost providers

-       increased expenses to remain competitive

-       rapidly evolving technology advancements

-       patients opting out of insurance benefits due to high deductible health plans

Thinking about trends in healthcare and examining the changes that have taken place will help you to prepare and protect your practice in the next phases. Here are some things to consider about your practice in strategic planning:

-       understand your state in the market

-       be realistic about strengths and weaknesses

-       identify opportunities for growth in market trends

-       define realistic goals

-       examine commodity vs. quality

We have completed an extensive market analysis of the radiology industry as a whole, examining expected trends and what that means for your practice, in addition to the steps necessary to gaining market leadership in your area.