Unique Marketing Efforts to Improve Patient Volume

From the perspective of a healthcare marketing professional, improvement of patient volume within a practice is often the number one priority.  So when it comes to executing that duty, no stone is left un-turned.   In the past, physician referrals were easier to come by, but with physicians taking on more capabilities through the conglomeration of practices, independent practices have often times been left high and dry.

However, with health care changes leading to an increase in pricing transparency, patient experience is now at the forefront of reasons patients select certain providers.  Marketing professionals are able to utilize their practice’s patient experience as a selling point, however modern technology has required them to go beyond engaging in helpful dialogue with referring physician offices and direct marketing, and has shifted into adventures in social media.

Turn Up The Volume, a blog dedicated to providing insights to increasing patient volume, discusses some of our favorite unique marketing efforts.  The blog even suggests using “celebrity” endorsements to drive patient volume, which seems funny, but the writers quote an article from the Huffington Post to back up the facts.

So, marketing professionals, this is your call out.  The key is creativity and a passion for delivering your message: that your practice is simply the best option for patients. I mean, with a well thought out and planned execution, why can’t “Because Snoop Dogg Says So” be a successful marketing campaign?

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