5 Tips For Building Your Brand

A company’s brand can be the most important component of their business. This is more than just a logo and some brochures. Your brand encompasses everything that your company stands for.  This includes; how your patients see your practice, how your referring physicians see your staff and the impact you make on your community.  Think about some of the biggest brands in existence; the Coca Colas, Budweisers and Starbucks of the world dominate the ad space. Their brands evoke emotion and drive their consumers to remain loyal, year after year.

In what industry does it make more sense to promote brand loyalty, than in health care? There are some simple actions your practice can take to create stronger brand identity.

1.     Social Media

Whether you’re starting from scratch with social media or just revamping what you already have, your online reputation is an easy way to express your brand.  The key to maintaining your brand is consistency, so be sure to create a plan for how you’ll deliver your message. A content calendar will help you plan your posts and stay in line with your branding.

2.     Blogging

Creating a blog as a part of your website gives you the chance to provide unique content for your website. The best way to have your brand reach far and wide is to step up your SEO game. Your blog is a way to do that, adding new, original content weekly.

3.     Creative Campaign

Don’t limit yourself to a simple ad in your city’s newspaper or directory. Get out ahead of the news you’re delivering, by planning a full campaign. A series of advertisements, online marketing and social media; used in conjunction to your brand’s message can make a much bigger impact than an expensive billboard or commercial.

4.     Physician’s Event

Your referring physicians and community are the ones who will come into contact with your brand most often. The qualities that you portray to them are not just shown in words and campaigns. Rather, they are shown in the way that you treat their patients and how you network with them. Host an event such as an educational dinner or open house presentation, where you can showcase those things.

5.     Promotional Items

Of course, referring physician offices love their goodies. Think out of the box and instead of bringing around standard pens, breakfast and treats- find a unique promotional item that is in line with that previously mentioned creative campaign.

You don’t have to do all of these things at once, as they certainly take time. Remember that your brand doesn’t have to be built in a day.