How To Be Creative With Your Healthcare Practice's Facebook

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If you're running your healthcare practice's Facebook on your own, you may be scratching your head trying to create engaging posts. After awhile, it may seem like everything you post is the same monotonous post from the day before. If you're feeling this way, then chances are so are your followers. So, we've compiled a list of ideas to help vamp up your healthcare social media marketing and ignite your creative fire. 

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Meet our staff.
Show pictures and interviews with your office staff.

Explain our practice in just one word.
Share the words you think encompass your practice and invite others to share theirs as well.

Meet our doctors.
Interview your doctors and ask why they got into their field.

Share a patient story.
You don’t have to use names or specifics, but share an inspiring story about a patient experience.

Cause related marketing
Think about ways you can tie into local or national causes to give back to the community and better resonate and form a connection with your followers.

Referring physician spotlight.
If you receive patients on a referral basis, take some time to spotlight some of the groups you work with regularly.

Celebrate “healthcare holidays”.
Do some research. Is it Nurse’s Week? An awareness month?

Go wild on Canva
Canva makes it easy to design social media image content in many different shapes, sizes and styles.

Caption contest.
Upload a funny picture or even just an old photograph and conduct a contest where your followers can come up with their own funny caption for it. The best one wins a prize!

Daily testimonial.
Hear something nice in your office? Tell your followers about it and amplify the good!

Informational video.
Share a short video explaining your services and what patients should know about coming to your practice.

Inspirational quotes.
Share inspirational quotes with your followers, sometimes that is all it takes to brighten someone’s day!

Use industry facts or figures to make an infographic for your followers to help educate them. Infographics huge in medical marketing, check out some of our past infographics on previous blog posts. Ex: Infographic for targeting women on social media with healthcare marketing.

Promote local events.
Connect with others in your community by promoting their events to draw attention to your page.

Share others’ posts.
Draw more attention to your page by sharing other business pages’ posts. Maybe they’ll return the favor!

Now that you have gas in the tank, go out there and show your followers what your practice is really all about. Steer clear of posting boring posts that you wouldn't even pay attention to while scrolling down your Facebook feed. But, if you're ready to throw in the towel and hand over the responsibility to a healthcare marketing agency, then we're here for you. Contact us today to discuss your options.

No time like the present to jump-start your social media plan! How well prepared is your strategy? Use this Social Media Checklist to decide. 

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