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8 Healthcare Social Media Hacks for Your Business

Social media marketing takes time and skill, especially with healthcare-related material. It can get a bit rough at times but, don’t despair, we can help you get through it. Below is a compilation of tips and tricks that can take your social media pages to the next level, and help you avoid a creative rut.

5 Ways To Increase Customer Satisfaction & Show Gratitude To Your Patients This Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving we would like to combine both topics and share our guide on how to increase your customer satisfaction and show your gratitude to the patients in these 5 ways. 

7 Social Media Marketing No-No's

There's no doubt that social media marketing is a critical tool for discovering potential clients in the 21st Century. However, it's not always easy figuring out why your current strategy simply isn't cutting it. So, we've outlined the following social media marketing tips to ensure your healthcare practice is treading in the right directions.

5 Reasons Why Your Healthcare Practice Needs Twitter

Social media is inescapably a part of our daily lives. Along with an optimized, mobile friendly website, your practice or hospital must be engaged on social media to connect with patients and spread the word about your business. Especially on Twitter as this platform continues to grow its 313 million monthly active users.