Understanding Viral Content Marketing

Sometimes it's impossible to tell which of your marketing efforts have the potential of going viral; it can be even harder to understand why. So how can healthcare marketing professionals work to create content that has the potential of attracting widespread attention?

The Basics of Viral Content Marketing:

  • Understanding Metcalf's Law and the network effect which can help you calcuate the value of your target market or their "network"
  • Know that not all content has the potential of going viral, but in order to have the potential it should beneficial to those sharing it in either message or entertainment. 
  • Be familiar with the various kinds of content that can go viral; most commonly these are videos or articles but infographics and image content such as popular memes or GIFs can all grow to be wildly popular.
  • Utilize the right design combination of functionality, meningfulness, integrity, appearance and form. 
  • Be in the minds of your audience to understand why they share certain things.
  • Make it easy to share and encourage your audience to help expand your campaign.

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Why we share content:

  1. It makes us laugh
  2. It makes us cry
  3. It makes our jaws drop
  4. It makes us ponder
  5. It makes us feel connected to others
  6. It makes us gasp
  7. It makes us shake our heads
  8. It makes us question why it's not common knowldege
Infographic Designed by:  Voltier Digital  and guest posted on  ProBlogger

Infographic Designed by: Voltier Digital and guest posted on ProBlogger