Santa's Reindeer as Healthcare Marketing Techniques

At Atlantic Health Solutions we offer a variety of healthcare marketing services. These services are designed to go above and beyond, combining traditional and online marketing to give your company a consumer boost. After reading about how Santa’s reindeer relate to the eight marketing services we offer, click on the link below to be directed to our services.

Dasher: Search engine optimization. Dasher is the leader of the sleigh and just like search engine optimization he gets the sleigh where it needs to be… the top of search engine results.

Dancer: Engaging website. Right up front just like Dasher, Dancer is the engaging website. These two are a perfect pair because once your website is optimized you want the consumers to be directed to a website that is easy to navigate and makes them want to stay. An engaging website is a successful website.

Prancer: Advertising and Public Relations. Prancer is a very important part of Santa’s crew, just like advertising and public relations is a very important part of successful marketing. It is his job to develop strong relationships with industry leaders and the media, as well as brand development. Without Prancer, Santa would be wearing a green suit instead of red.

Vixen: Social Media. Vixen is good partner for Prancer. He controls what content is published on social media accounts and makes sure that all content is in line with the company’s brand. Vixen also makes sure that only Santa’s good side shows up in his Facebook profile picture.

Comet: Traditional Marketing. Comet has always been the one to stick to what works. Traditional marketing encompasses so much of what we, as consumers, see every day. Traditional marketing is anything under the categories: print, broadcast, direct mail, and telephone. They’re older marketing tactics, but they’re tried and true.

Cupid: Online Marketing. Because Comet has so much on his plate its good to have a guy like Cupid on his side. Cupid takes care of the online marketing. This new age type of marketing that uses the Internet, as its medium is a fast growing source of marketing among companies. With how much time Santa and his elves spend on their smart phones, it is no surprise the online marketing industry is taking off.

Donner: Reputation Management. Donner is one of the closest reindeer to good ole Santa. He is in charge of reputation management and keeps a close eye on Santa’s behavior. Reputation management is so important because as a business it is important to stay consistent. Consistency is reliability.

Blitzen: Marketing Materials. The fattest of all eight reindeer, Blitzen makes up the meat of the marketing services. Marketing materials are what define the company image and are the tools a business uses to reach out to new consumers and keep the ones they already have.

Rudolph: Inbound Marketing. Last but certainly not least we have Rudolph. Rudolph’s nose attracts people to him, just like inbound marketing brings patients to healthcare companies. With Rudolph’s nose so bright Santa doesn’t have to work as hard. Lead nurturing and inbound marketing brings people to you, without having to go out and find them.

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