The Importance of a Mission Statement in Health Care Marketing

Recently we decided to revaluate our mission statement to determine if it was still in line with our company culture. What we found was that our mission statement was so broad, that it was falling flat. It wasn’t doing what we created it for; which was to hold our employees accountable and remind us why we do what we do. So, we decided to go back to square one and redevelop a mission statement that would effectively showcase what Atlantic Health Solutions is all about.

Does a mission statement really matter?

Initially, I had some apprehension regarding developing a new mission statement. As the Communication Director, I knew how effective a great mission statement could be for large companies but I was unsure if it was worth our time and attention. Now I know, no matter how large or small your organization is, having the right mission statement and encouraging your employees to truly adhere to it, can make all the difference in the world.

Why a mission statement matters:

  • Helps keep your staff accountable and on track
  • Clearly explains your culture to potential clients and partners
  •  Let’s others see what sets you apart from your competition
  • It can help with future growth and new staff
  • Forms a template for decision-making and strategic moves


How to write an effective mission statement for a medical practice or hospital:

  • Be clear and avoid medical, clinical or marketing jargon.
  • Ex: Specifics regarding procedures/diagnoses, terms regarding reporting, turn around time, accreditations, terms like “strategic alliance” and “exceptional service” because it doesn’t really say what you do.
  • Make sure to say what you “aspire” to be, rather than bragging about how great your practice already is at what they do.
  • Let your mission statement be unique to your center. If it’s too broad or looks like it could belong to just about anyone in health care, you need to be more niche.
  • Don’t make it too lofty. Goals should be specific and somewhat realistic and the same goes for your mission statement.
  • Keep it short and simple. Nobody likes a diatribe of you going on and on about your doctors and staff.

Check out our new mission statement:

“At Atlantic, we live to inspire. Our mission is to uniquely serve patients by changing the way they engage with healthcare providers. We adhere to a culture of hard work, integrity and innovation. We nurture our team and our community by giving back and growing those around us. We understand that with a positive attitude and the undying desire to never stop learning, we will thrive.”