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Traditional vs. Non-Traditional Marketing in Healthcare

Now, there so many other ways for health care providers to reach patients with inbound content marketing techniques, which enables healthcare marketers to actually track the success of their efforts.

Inspiration is Everywhere: Healthcare Marketing Campaigns to Take Note Of

We all wish we came up with the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge in 2014 that took social media by storm. Their campaign successfully raised awareness for an important cause while encouraging a fun challenge that required interaction. Isn't that what all marketing gurus are hoping for when they launch a creative campaign? Here's how to run your own incredible marketing campaign.

5 Reasons Why Your Healthcare Practice Needs Twitter

Social media is inescapably a part of our daily lives. Along with an optimized, mobile friendly website, your practice or hospital must be engaged on social media to connect with patients and spread the word about your business. Especially on Twitter as this platform continues to grow its 313 million monthly active users. 

4 Questions Healthcare Marketers Should Ask Themselves Daily

Healthcare marketing does not have some simple or single formula for success. With success depending on many, many changing factors that require constant effort and optimization, it would be far from the truth to say that healthcare marketers follow some definitive blueprint as their strategy. Continue Reading Article >